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New Zealand vs Australia
In Progress : Australia trail by 177 runs with 9 wickets remaining in the 1st innings
New Zealand
( 65.2 overs )
( 9 overs )

  , Southee to Smith, no run, good length outside off, Smith covers his off stump and shoulders arms
  , Southee to Smith, no run, presses forward to defend a full ball towards cover
  , Southee to Smith, FOUR, short of a length with width outside off, Smith is quick to dispatch the loose ball, standing in his crease and driving the ball through covers
  , Southee to Smith, no run, moves into the right-hander this time but strays down leg, Smith moves across his stumps and lets it go
  , Southee to Smith, no run, lets the outswinger go this time outside off, was further away from him
  , Southee to Smith, no run, Smith moves back and across to play a full outswinger as it begins to swing away from him, I have no idea how he middles it with that technique of staying so deep, defended on the leg side with a straight bat
  , Boult to Burns, no run, beaten outside the off stump by one that slants across
  , Boult to Smith, 3 runs, now he gets squared up and the ball goes between the slip cordon and gully towards third man off the outside edge
  , Boult to Smith, FOUR, this time the ball does not come back at the right-hander but slants further away instead, giving Smith room, he stays back and drives behind point for a boundary
  , Boult to Smith, no run, good length, angling across Smith and then coming back at him off the pitch, Smith moves towards the off side, gets behind the line and defends soldily
  , Boult to Burns, 1 run, Boult seams the ball into the right-hander after angling it across, Burns stays back and dabs towards square leg
  , Boult to Burns, no run, a full ball swings into the right-hander, Burns keeps it out
  , Southee to Smith, no run, another lovely outswinger that pitches off and seams away, squaring Smith up and beating his outside edge
  , Southee to Smith, no run, stays back to a length ball outside off and defends on the off side
  , Southee to Smith, no run, Smith is squared up on the back foot again but this time he moves towards the off and defends the outswinger
  , Southee to Smith, no run, that is a stunning ball, did everything but take a wicket. Southee slanted the ball into the right-hander from over the wicket, pitching on a good length around off and middle, and seamed it away from Smith who was squared up and utterly beaten
  , Southee to Burns, 1 run, closer to the batsman this time, angling in, Burns plays it through square for a single
  , Southee to Burns, no run, short of a length outside off, the batsman lets it go, that bounced rather high after passing the batsman
  , Boult to Smith, no run, pitched up, 128kph around off stump, Smith jabs at it from the crease and gets an inside edge to leg
  , Boult to Smith, no run, full length and shaping in, Smith digs it out to the leg side
  , Boult to Burns, 1 leg bye, inswinger from Boult, thumps the pads - but not given! NZ consult briefly and decide to review the not-out decision from S Ravi. It only needs a quick look from the third umpire, with Hawk-Eye confirming that the impact was umpire's call on off stump and it was bouncing over, too
  , Boult to Burns, no run, gets into line and defends on the stumps
  , Boult to Burns, no run, good length on the stumps, no lateral movement and blocked to mid-on
  , Boult to Smith, 1 run, pitched up, coming back on the stumps, Smith nurdles one more off his pads
  , Southee to Burns, no run, pitched up outside off, straightening a touch as Burns gets forward and leaves
  , Southee to Smith, 1 run, full on the pads, Smith clips one more through square leg
  , Southee to Smith, no run, good shape on this from Southee, left alone in the channel
  , Southee to Smith, no run, very full on off, threatening to swing late, Smith covers the line and defends late
  , Southee to Burns, 1 run, full and straight and worked to leg, they take another tight single to midwicket
  , Southee to Burns, no run, pitched up on the channel and defended coming forwards
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