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Sri Lanka Under-19s vs Bangladesh Under-19s
Finished : Bangladesh Under-19s won by 3 wickets (with 3 balls remaining)
Sri Lanka Under-19s
( 48.5 overs )
Bangladesh Under-19s
( 49.3 overs )

  , Kumara to Jaker Ali, FOUR, Bangladesh secure the third place. They win by three wickets with three balls to spare. Jaker breaks into a jig and his team-mates rush onto the field to embrace him. Halim tries to match Jaker's moves as well. Fractionally short and outside off, clubbed over midwicket for four. Fatuallah raises itself to a roar
  , Kumara to Jaker Ali, 2 runs, short and wide outside off, swiped to cow corner for a couple.
  , Kumara to Mehedi Hasan Rana, 1 run, back of a length on middle, he backs away and jabs it to cover. Another mix-up, another chance for a run-out. The keeper collects it, moves forward to under-arm flick it onto the stumps, instead of taking the bails off. They pinch one off an overthrow
  , AM Fernando to Jaker Ali, 1 run, OUT, length and outside off, cracked to long-on. They hare across for the second. Risky.The throw to the bowler is accurate. Third run-out of the innings. Asitha collects the ball and takes the bails off. Shaifuddin is caught short by a couple of inches, despite a dive
  , AM Fernando to Jaker Ali, no run, too full and outside off, swing and a miss
  , AM Fernando to Mohammad Saifuddin, 1 run, nailed at middle, yorker, jabbed to cover
  , AM Fernando to Mohammad Saifuddin, 2 runs, Asitha goes for a yorker, ends up bowling a full toss, which is creamed through the covers, all along the carpet. Orthodox drive
  , AM Fernando to Jaker Ali, 1 run, too full and outside off, drilled to deep cover
  , AM Fernando to Jaker Ali, FOUR, Jaker shuffles across the off stump and lap-scoops it finer of short fine leg
  , AM Fernando to Jaker Ali, 1 wide, full and sprayed wide outside off, the batsman almost swung himself off his feet. Off-side wide
  , AM Fernando to Jaker Ali, 1 no ball, beamer outside off, no ball called. The pressure gets to Asitha
  , Ashan to Mosabbek Hossain, OUT, tossed up, full on off, Mosabbek wants to muscle another one away. He can only slice it. Picked out mid-off. Target practice. Fatullah has been hushed to silence
  , Ashan to Mosabbek Hossain, FOUR, slides across off from round the stumps again, Mosabbek goes low for another slog sweep. The edge sneaks away to third man again
  , Ashan to Mohammad Saifuddin, 1 run, the left-hander flits around in the crease and flays it to long-off
  , Ashan to Mohammad Saifuddin, FOUR, poor ball, fired down leg. Helped on its way to the fine leg boundary
  , Ashan to Mosabbek Hossain, 3 runs, Mosabbek slogs across the line and top-edges this towards third man. Asitha chases the ball, slides, and swats the ball in. He saves a run for SL
  , Ashan to Mosabbek Hossain, no run, full on middle, swiped to mid-on
  , AM Fernando to Mosabbek Hossain, 1 run, full toss on the pads, tucked straight to deep square leg
  , AM Fernando to Mosabbek Hossain, no run, another wide yorker, squirted back to Asitha
  , AM Fernando to Mohammad Saifuddin, 1 run, full and wide outside off, he throws his hands at it, slicing to third man
  , AM Fernando to Mosabbek Hossain, 1 run, length and outside off, driven to long-off
  , AM Fernando to Mohammad Saifuddin, 1 run, punched to backward point for one
  , AM Fernando to Mohammad Saifuddin, no run, wide yorker, the batsman can't touch it
  , Ashan to Mosabbek Hossain, no run, dropped at short midwicket. Asalanka throws himself to his left, but can't hang on. Slogged hard to the SL captain
  , Ashan to Mosabbek Hossain, 2 runs, heading down leg, helped to fine leg
  , Ashan to Shafiul Hayet, OUT, Hayet goes for another mow across the line. He holes out to deep midwicket. He jumps down again, dragged to the fielder. Pressure catch from Ushan
  , Ashan to Mohammad Saifuddin, 1 run, another flat dart, whipped past midwicket. Just a single
  , Ashan to Shafiul Hayet, 1 run, flat dart on off, tucked around the corner
  , Ashan to Mohammad Saifuddin, 1 run, full and drifts in on middle, clipped to midwicket
  , PWH de Silva to Shafiul Hayet, no run,
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