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Barbados Tridents vs Kings XI Punjab
Finished : Kings XI Punjab won by 4 wickets (with 2 balls remaining)
Barbados Tridents
( 20 overs )
Kings XI Punjab
( 19.4 overs )

  , Holder to Miller, SIX, that's it! No need for this to go down to the wire. Holder overpitches just outside off. Miller just launches that, almost casually, over wide long off. Clean as a whistle.
  , Holder to Miller, no run, Miller makes room, but Holder goes the other way and bowls a full toss way outside off. It's just inside the tram lines and Miller can't connect
  , Holder to Patel, 1 run, short of a length on the stumps, Patel makes room and chops it to the offside sweeper
  , Holder to Miller, 1 run, that's a thigh-high no ball. Miller tries to slam it straight, but gets a top edge that drops at around point
  , Rampaul to Patel, SIX, the no-look hook. Patel has stolen this one right back for Kings XI. Is there nothing this team can't do with the bat? Patel tried to make room, but Rampaul follows him with a bouncer. Patel hooks anyway, taking his eyes off long before he connects, but what a connection!. That's way over the deep square leg boundary.
  , Rampaul to Patel, FOUR, luck for Patel. But it's not great death bowling for sure. That's length outside off stump once more. Patel tried to hit through cover, gets a thick edge, and it runs to the third man fence.
  , Rampaul to Miller, 1 run, length ball outside off. Miller will probably feel his should have murdered it, but he just drags it to long on instead
  , Rampaul to Patel, 1 run, bouncer at the chest. Patel pulls this square, but Holder runs around and cuts it off. They think about two, but decide against.
  , Rampaul to Patel, FOUR, all the fielders are back on leg side, so Patel makes room and lifts this one over cover for four. Pressure right back on the Tridents. Rampaul needs to hit that blockhole.
  , Rampaul to Patel, FOUR, shot! Patel gets into it now. Length ball outside off, and Patel lays into that one slamming that one wide of long on for four
  , Holder to Miller, FOUR, short of a length on the stumps, but Miller has latched onto that superfast. He's bash-pulling that to cow corner. It's hit so hard, it barely gets over head high, but almost carries all the way over the rope. Kings XI are in it as long as Miller is there.
  , Holder to Patel, 1 run, this is short of a length on the pads, Patel flicks it off his thigh to fine leg
  , Holder to Miller, 1 run, Miller backs away but Holder follows it with a length ball. Miller can only clobber it to long on for a single.
  , Holder to Patel, 1 run, short of a length on middle stump. Patel squeezes this away to backward point. There should not have been a run there, but he fumbles it and allow them to cross, and to get Miller on strike. Poor work from Munaweera.
  , Holder to Miller, 1 leg bye, yorker on the legs, Miller tries to whip it to leg but misses. They take the leg bye off the deflection
  , Holder to Patel, 1 run, short of a length on off stump, fended away towards point for a single
  , Nurse to Miller, SIX, Miller is trying his best to revive Kings XI. You can't count them out yet. He's down the track to this floated up ball and slamming it high over the bowlers head and into the stands. Didn't hit it perfectly, but he has more than enough power to clear that boundary.
  , Nurse to Miller, 2 runs, tossed up a little, straightening on leg stump. Miller flicks it to leg and finds a decent legside gap. Takes two
  , Nurse to Miller, 2 runs, flatter and faster, straightening on off stump. Miller goes back and chops it to sweeper cover
  , Nurse to Perera, OUT, gone first ball. The spinners are wrapping this middle order up in their web. This was fired in short at Perera's body. The batsman goes back and tries to thwack it over the cow corner boundary. He can't connect as well as he likes and it goes high into the night. Carter settles under the ball and takes it gleefully.
  , Nurse to Miller, 1 run, shuffles down to this fired in fullish delivery which is straightening on off stump. This is squeezed away towards short fine leg
  , Nurse to Miller, 2 runs, this is pitched outside off, turning away slowly. Chopped away in front of square on the off side and they take two
  , Mendis to Miller, 1 run, googly floated up on middle, turned towards midwicket for one
  , Mendis to Bailey, OUT, got him this time. That's a regular leggie pitched on middle and straightening. Bailey tries to pull that high over cow corner again, but the ball is onto him too quickly and he only manages to send it down Franklin's throat
  , Mendis to Bailey, no run, pitched on off turning away, chopped to backward point
  , Mendis to Bailey, 2 runs, googly from Mendis. Bailey murders it with a slog sweep to cow corner, where Frnaklin almost pulls off an exceptional running one-handed take at the fence, but he can't quite hold on. Spectacular work though. Definitely saved a six
  , Mendis to Bailey, 2 runs, this is shorter, pitched on off and turning away. Crashed through cover by Bailey but he can't beat the sweeper cover
  , Mendis to Miller, 1 run, single to midwicket
  , Nurse to Bailey, no run, straightening on leg stump. Bailey aims a big slog sweep but misses
  , Nurse to Bailey, no run, tossed up on the stumps, pushed back to the bowler
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