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South Africa vs Bangladesh
Finished : South Africa won by 31 runs
South Africa
( 20 overs )
( 19.2 overs )

  , Abbott to Mustafizur Rahman, OUT, off stump uprooted! South Africa win the series. Abbott has made a strong claim to be a permanent fixture in South Africa's attack. Mustafizur looks to slap it through the covers, too good for him
  , Abbott to Mustafizur Rahman, 1 wide, bouncer to greet Mustafizur. Another great delivery, dug in quite short an directed at the batsman's helmet. The pull is more like an evasive action and is well beaten
  , Abbott to Rony Talukdar, OUT, his yorkers are quite something. Tinged in with deadly reverse swing. This one began outside off, then veers in looking for the base off stump. Rony realises the threat too late. Tries to save himself. But this is too good a ball to be denied a wicket
  , Parnell to Arafat Sunny, no run, top-class stuff from De Kock! This is a full toss that kisses the pads and looks set to be four leg byes, but he moves to his right quickly and pulls off a big dive to keep it in
  , Parnell to Arafat Sunny, 1 wide, slides a good length ball way down leg
  , Parnell to Arafat Sunny, 2 runs, has Sunny in a spot of bother with a short ball that holds in the pitch and then jumps up at him. He fends it away to point and enjoys an overthrow
  , Parnell to Rony Talukdar, 1 run, short and wide, Talukdar slashes and finds deep third man
  , Parnell to Arafat Sunny, 1 run, swinging in on leg stump, Sunny meets it on the full and clips it to short fine leg
  , Parnell to Rony Talukdar, 1 run, shortish and outside off, taps to extra cover
  , Parnell to Rony Talukdar, 2 runs, shortish and outside off, nudged to deep midwicket for a couple
  , Abbott to Rony Talukdar, 1 run, full on middle, squeezed away to square leg. Is he getting some reverse here?
  , Abbott to Arafat Sunny, 1 run, back of a length and outside off, Sunny slices it to point
  , Abbott to Rony Talukdar, 1 run, banged in short there, Rony pulls to deep square leg
  , Abbott to Arafat Sunny, 1 run, another yorker just outside off, Sunny pushes it into the covers. Good skills from Abbott
  , Abbott to Mashrafe Mortaza, OUT, bang! Saw Mashrafe moving outside leg to scoop, Abbott makes that impossible with a leg-stump yorker that hits its mark
  , Abbott to Rony Talukdar, 1 run, ooh, he's dropped it. Did well to dig the ball in and swindle the batsman of his timing. Poor shot, going for the pull off the front foot when there was no room. His the splice and goes back to the bowler, who gets only his finger tips to it. Came back a little slower than he thought, I think
  , Phangiso to Mashrafe Mortaza, no run, saw Mash coming down again and bowled it full and wide. Tall man the Bangladesh captain, so he manages to reach it and smear it to cover
  , Phangiso to Rony Talukdar, 1 run, that was quick and flat on leg stump because Rony was rushing down the track. Pushed to long-on
  , Phangiso to Mashrafe Mortaza, 1 run, slugs it to deep midwicket. Phangiso does well to slow the ball down and toss it wide of off stump. Brave spin bowling
  , Phangiso to Mashrafe Mortaza, SIX, another! The bowler goes flatter and on leg stump, but Mashrafe doesn't care. Gets down the track and mauls it to the long-on boundary as well. Flat hit
  , Phangiso to Mashrafe Mortaza, SIX, skips down to the pitch to slam a flighted delivery into the sightscreen. Mirpur roars
  , Phangiso to Rony Talukdar, 1 run, goes back to a good length ball on middle and leg and tucks it through midwicket
  , Wiese to Rony Talukdar, 1 run, flayed to deep midwicket as Wiese keeps it short, and slow
  , Wiese to Rony Talukdar, no run, banged in short and outside off to adjust to Talukdar's strides down the track. He reaches out to bunt the ball through point. Ends with a bottom edge to the keeper
  , Wiese to Mashrafe Mortaza, 1 run, uses the closed face to give some work to short fine leg. Picks it from off stump, but Wiese's angle helps the shot out
  , Wiese to Rony Talukdar, 1 run, fuller and slower just outside off, tucked to long-on
  , Wiese to Mashrafe Mortaza, 1 run, full and angled in on middle, Mashrafe turns it to short fine leg to give the strike back to the specialist batsman
  , Wiese to Mashrafe Mortaza, 2 runs, shortish and outside off, dabbed to point. An overthrow from there gets Mashrafe a couple of runs
  , Phangiso to Rony Talukdar, no run, a little turn away from the bat, Talukdar moves to the leg side to try and smear it through the covers. Ends up with an inside edge
  , Phangiso to Rony Talukdar, no run, good length on middle, clipped to midwicket
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