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South Africa vs New Zealand
Finished : South Africa won by 72 runs
South Africa
( 50 overs )
New Zealand
( 46.3 overs )

  , Philander to Ronchi, OUT, it's all over! South Africa have been kept in the field for much longer than they would have liked, but in the end it is a thumping victory for them. Ronchi will have to wait for his maiden hundred. He falls after slicing the ball over point but Faf was quick enough to run back and take a well-judged catch
  , Philander to McClenaghan, 1 run, mis-timed towards mid-on for a single, McClenaghan ran the first hard wanting the second, but decided against it
  , Philander to McClenaghan, no run, McClenaghan backs away and slogs at a short of a length ball outside off, he makes no contact
  , Steyn to McClenaghan, 1 run, McClenaghan clears his front foot and slogs a short of a length ball to wide long on, New Zealand have broken their record last wicket stand in ODIs two games in a row. Move over Trent Boult, McClenaghan has taken your spot with Ronchi.
  , Steyn to Ronchi, 1 run, Ronchi does it much more conventionally, steering the ball with an open face to third man
  , Steyn to McClenaghan, 1 leg bye, McClenaghan jumps outside the line of off stump and tries to glance Steyn past the keeper, gets hit on the pad and runs a leg bye to fine leg
  , Steyn to Ronchi, 1 run, plays a lofted cover drive into the deep, falls short of the fielder
  , Steyn to Ronchi, FOUR, so much for mundanity! Ronchi swivels and pulls a short ball, hitting it over the infield and into the gap on the midwicket boundary
  , Steyn to Ronchi, no run, full and straight, Ronchi plays it watchfully back to the bowler, all rather mundane after McClenaghan's bravado
  , Morkel to McClenaghan, no run, McClenaghan feels he can do anything now! He jumps outside the line of off stump and then tries to scoop a short of a length ball over de Kock, he does not make any contact
  , Morkel to McClenaghan, FOUR, Morkel is taking a beating from a No. 11, McClenaghan makes room by moving outside leg and then swings freely, smashing the ball past mid-on
  , Morkel to McClenaghan, no run, dug in short again, just outside leg, McClenaghan moves towards the off side to let it pass, should have been called wide even though the batsman moved a long way
  , Morkel to McClenaghan, no run, Morkel digs it in shorter and McClenaghan moves out of the way after initially shaping to swipe at it
  , Morkel to McClenaghan, FOUR, what a shot that is! McClenaghan has just lined up a length ball and slammed it back over the bowler's head, clean contact that time
  , Morkel to McClenaghan, FOUR, McClenaghan clears his front foot and slogs at a length ball that's pretty straight, he gets an inside edge that misses the stumps and races to the fine leg boundary
  , Duminy to McClenaghan, 1 run, worked off the pads to short fine leg for a single
  , Duminy to McClenaghan, no run, defended back to the bowler
  , Duminy to McClenaghan, FOUR, superb from McClenaghan, slog sweeps and executes it superbly, hitting the ball in front of the fielder on the deep backward square leg boundary
  , Duminy to McClenaghan, no run, defended on the front foot on the leg side
  , Duminy to Ronchi, 3 runs, cut off the back foot and it beats the fielder at point, another fielder chases and pulls it in just inside the rope, Faf gave chase. That brings up the 50 partnership!
  , Duminy to Ronchi, 2 runs, played through midwicket for a single
  , Morkel to McClenaghan, no run, banged in short and McClenaghan fends the ball away awkwardly, it lobs up in the air and falls safely behind square
  , Morkel to McClenaghan, no run, smashed hard and low back at the bowler, hits Morkel on the leg during his follow through
  , Morkel to McClenaghan, no run, an appeal for caught behind after McClenaghan attempts the scoop over the keeper and the ball lobs to de Kock. South Africa think it's all over but umpire Davis says not out. South Africa review right away and replays indicate that the ball might have grazed the thumb as McClenaghan got down low to get under the ball and scoop. The third umpire decides there's not enough evidence to overturn the decision and McClenaghan has a laugh before batting on ...
  , Morkel to Ronchi, 1 run, sharp bouncer from Morkel takes Ronchi by surprise, he takes his eyes off the ball and plays a half-swat in hope, the ball goes off the top edge and falls short of the man at fine eg
  , Morkel to McClenaghan, 1 run, another length ball and McClenaghan swipes across the line, hitting the ball to wide mid-on
  , Morkel to McClenaghan, no run, McClenaghan charges Morkel and slogs across the line, he misses the length ball
  , Duminy to McClenaghan, 3 runs, how's that from McClenaghan! He turns his bat the other way outside off stump and plays a neat little reverse dab between the keeper and short third man
  , Duminy to Ronchi, 1 run, driven through cover off the front foot for a single
  , Duminy to Ronchi, no run, pulled off the front foot to square leg
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