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Mumbai Indians vs Sunrisers Hyderabad
Finished : Mumbai Indians won by 20 runs
Mumbai Indians
( 20 overs )
Sunrisers Hyderabad
( 20 overs )

  , Vinay Kumar to B Kumar, 2 runs, comes down the pitch and squeezes the fuller delivery to wide long-off
  , Vinay Kumar to B Kumar, no run, walks too far to the off side and misses the slower ball again
  , Vinay Kumar to B Kumar, FOUR, reads the slower delivery perfectly and smashes it over extra cover, it just bounces before the boundary
  , Vinay Kumar to B Kumar, no run, he walks all the way to the off side to lap this slower delivery but misses it completely
  , Vinay Kumar to Sharma, 1 leg bye, fired quick and full on the pads, the batsman looks to swing it to the leg side but makes no connection. They take a leg bye to the off side
  , Vinay Kumar to Sharma, 2 runs, slower delivery on the stumps, Karn chips it over the bowler's head and comes back for the second
  , Malinga to Sharma, 1 leg bye, shorter delivery on the stumps, the batsman looks to pull but misses, gets hit on the body
  , Malinga to Sharma, no run, bowls a slower delivery outside off that Karn misses completely. Wonder why he didn't go for his trusted delivery
  , Malinga to Steyn, OUT, it's the third wicket in this over! Another slower one does the job. Steyn swings too early, hits it too high but not long. Pollard runs in from long off and comfortably settles under the skier. Malinga is on a hat-trick
  , Malinga to P Kumar, OUT, and he gets another one! Praveen charges down the pitch, gets a slower delivery that beats the bat and grazes the top of middle stump. Malinga is running through the side now
  , Malinga to P Kumar, no run, he is through with his swing before the ball arrives, makes no connection
  , Malinga to Vihari, OUT, and another one departs! Vihari has a swing at a Malinga slower delivery and all he can do is edge it to the keeper. There was a faint edge on that one. Malinga turned back to appeal but the umpire had already raised the finger
  , McClenaghan to Sharma, no run, superb over from McClenaghan! He finishes his spell with an accurate yorker
  , McClenaghan to Vihari, 1 run, another one in the blockhole, Vihari can only push it to deep midwicket
  , McClenaghan to Bopara, OUT, length ball, Bopara made a good connection but there was absolutely no distance on that... it is swallowed up by the man at deep midwicket easily. Pandya there, who is ecstatic after competing the catch. Sunrisers continue to slide
  , McClenaghan to Vihari, 1 run, fires it in the blockhole, the batsman jams his bat down and takes off for a single to mid-off. There is a direct hit but he is well inside the crease
  , McClenaghan to Bopara, 1 run, short ball from round the wicket, this one gets big on the batsman but Bopara manages to play a controlled pull behind square for a single
  , McClenaghan to Bopara, no run, fires a low full toss wide outside off and Bopara, in an effort to go too inside out, misses it completely
  , Malinga to Vihari, FOUR, he picks up a boundary off the last ball as he gets a toe-end to this leg-side yorker and manages to play it perfectly in the gap at short fine leg. That races away
  , Malinga to Vihari, no run, slower delivery wide outside off, Vihari swings across the line and makes no connection
  , Malinga to Bopara, 1 run, he digs this bouncer out towards cover and takes off for a single. Rohit fires a throw but misses the stumps
  , Malinga to Bopara, no run, can't do much about that yorker! It misses the bat, it misses the stump
  , Malinga to Bopara, 2 runs, beautifully timed! He gets a full delivery outside off and he slices it over point, but Pandya has done brilliantly in the outfield! He dives full length at the boundary and keeps it in. That was a fantastic save
  , Malinga to Vihari, (no ball) 1 run, he has hit the stumps on his way. It's a Finn no-ball! This was a slower ball and the batsman dabbed it to point for a single
  , Malinga to Bopara, 1 run, full and wide outside off, Bopara chases it, gets a thick outside edge but the third-man cuts it off
  , Vinay Kumar to Vihari, FOUR, another wide yorker, but this time he chases it and gets a thick outside edge that runs down the boundary
  , Vinay Kumar to Vihari, no run, very smartly bowled! This is a wide yorker and the batsman leaves it alone thinking it is a wide, but it's well within the marker
  , Vinay Kumar to Vihari, FOUR, this one is pulled really well! This was bowled at Vinay's normal pace and Vihari gets on top of that really well, picks up the gap between long on and deep midwicket perfectly
  , Vinay Kumar to Bopara, 1 run, he reads the slower delivery well and drags this one towards wide long-on, but Pollard moves to his right quickly and keeps them to just a single
  , Vinay Kumar to Bopara, no run, clever change of pace from Vinay! This one cuts away from the batsman after pitching, Bopara misses it completely
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