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England vs Sri Lanka
In Progress : England won the toss and elected to bat
( 6.2 overs )
Sri Lanka

  , Herath to Cook, 1 run, whipped off the back foot out to deep midwicket
  , Herath to Cook, no run, round the wicket, slides on with the air across Cook and takes a thick outside edge to backward point
  , Dilshan to Cook, 1 run, nearly finds long-off, he came down the pitch and was through his shot early but it fell short of the fielder as he ran in. Lack of timing saving Cook
  , Dilshan to Cook, no run, well forward and defends to cover
  , Dilshan to Cook, no run, lovely delivery, turn and bounce, beats the outside edge and Sangakkara whips the bails off. Cook's foot lifted for a second, but was back down in time
  , Dilshan to Bell, 1 run, turn into Bell, but started a fraction too straight which allows him to tuck comfortably through midwicket
  , Dilshan to Cook, 1 run, round the wicket, on off stump, pushed down the ground to long-off
  , Dilshan to Bell, 3 runs, down the pitch and gives himself some room to the leg side, then drives this through square cover...he adjusted well because Dilshan saw him coming and dragged the delivery shorter
  , Mathews to Cook, no run, comes forward, drives the ball into the pitch and it bounces out to short cover
  , Mathews to Cook, no run, even fuller this time, the drive comes off the bottom of the bat and runs to mid-off
  , Mathews to Cook, FOUR, finds the gap on this occasion with a cover drive, and with the power and timing to overcome the slow outfield, pierces the gap between cover and mid-off
  , Mathews to Cook, no run, defeated by a slower ball, 104kph, it was outside off and Cook went for a drive but played over the top of the delivery
  , Mathews to Cook, no run, pushed across outside off, left alone
  , Mathews to Cook, no run, a powerful cover drive but he picks out cover
  , Dilshan to Bell, 2 runs, flicked wide of the deep leg slip, angled into the pads, there wasn't a hand on it but will encourage Mathews to keep the fielder in place
  , Dilshan to Bell, no run, tucked to square leg
  , Dilshan to Bell, no run, aims to work this from outside off into the leg side, Dilshan gets across in his follow through
  , Dilshan to Bell, no run, full, dug out back to the bowler
  , Dilshan to Cook, 1 leg bye, round the wicket, angled into the pads, rebounds away towards short fine leg
  , Dilshan to Bell, 1 run, nearly a return catch as Bell punches off the back foot, again the ball not coming into the bat and it spoons just to the right of Dilshan as he drives across
  , Mathews to Cook, 2 runs, nicely timed, tucks this delivery off middle stump through midwicket
  , Mathews to Cook, no run, comes forward, traps the ball off the inside edge into his pad and it trickles back towards the keeper
  , Mathews to Cook, no run, gets back on a full length outside off, left alone
  , Mathews to Cook, FOUR, that's a confidence-booster for Cook, he picks off a short ball with a strong pull shot through midwicket
  , Mathews to Cook, no run, shorter in length, on off stump, defended square towards point
  , Mathews to Cook, no run, full outside off, prods into the covers
  , Dilshan to Ali, OUT, big early strike! The in-form opener departs. Coming down the pitch, aiming over the leg side, loses his shape on the shot. The ball hits his back pad then cannons into leg stump
  , Dilshan to Cook, 3 runs, dragged short and a little wide, Cook latches on with a cut which bisects the two fielders in the point area...the outfield is again sluggish
  , Dilshan to Cook, no run, stretches forward this time, bat in front of pad, defended into the leg side
  , Dilshan to Cook, no run, turn there for Dilshan, from a middle and leg line, which squares up Cook in defence
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