Live Cricket Scores
Pakistan vs Australia
Day 4 : Australia require another 421 runs with 10 wickets remaining

  , Zulfiqar Babar to Rogers, no run, nips down the track in an effort to get to the pitch and smothers it down towards mid-on
  , Zulfiqar Babar to Rogers, no run, goes on with the arm, and again, that's hit the footmarks and deviated away from the batsman. It's slow turn though, so Rogers was able to watch it through to the keeper
  , Zulfiqar Babar to Rogers, no run, goes back to a good length ball that keeps low and taps it back whence it came
  , Zulfiqar Babar to Rogers, no run, seeks to hit the rough outside off, Rogers knows that and pulls out a sweep. Only gets it off the glove and it dribbles to short leg
  , Zulfiqar Babar to Rogers, no run, nicely tossed up on and around the off stump, Rogers stays back and blocks towards midwicket.
  , Zulfiqar Babar to Warner, 1 run, pitched a touch short and Warner is comfortable on the back foot and pulls to deep midwicket
  , Mohammad Hafeez to Rogers, no run, defended with bat in front of pad and that ends a pretty encouraging over for Pakistan
  , Mohammad Hafeez to Rogers, no run, zoots along the ground this time and comes in at Rogers, manages to bring his bat down to protect his pads and his stumps
  , Mohammad Hafeez to Rogers, no run, kicks off the deck again and Rogers does well as he goes back and uses soft hands to tap it towards silly point
  , Mohammad Hafeez to Rogers, no run, tossed up on off stump, defended nervously
  , Mohammad Hafeez to Rogers, no run, this one slides on with the arm! Good length ball, hits the rough and refuses to turn. So close to the off stump as Rogers shoulders arms
  , Mohammad Hafeez to Rogers, no run, hello! There's turn, there's bounce and there's a whole lot of problems for Australia. Is that just the new ball talking? This was tossed up, and slowed up. Kicks away as Rogers leaves it well alone
  , Rahat Ali to Warner, no run, that's a good way to finish the over off, finds a fuller length and gets it to shape away from Warner, who goes for a checked drive to mid-off
  , Rahat Ali to Warner, no run, ample width on offer, so much that Warner can't quite reach it properly. Gets it off the very bottom of the bat and bunts it to cover
  , Rahat Ali to Warner, no run, fuller delivery, and that allows the ball to deviate away, Warner is wary of it and lets it go
  , Rahat Ali to Warner, 2 runs, back of a length and outside off, Warner is so good through that area. Wonderful balance on the back foot and slices this in front of point.
  , Rahat Ali to Warner, FOUR, cracked away! If Imran was too straight, Rahat is way too wide. Slapped away to the deep cover boundary.
  , Rahat Ali to Warner, FOUR, short and wide to start from Rahat, needn't be asked twice to slash at that. Though he didn't get all of it, he manages a thick outside edge over the slips
  , Imran Khan to Rogers, no run, that leg side is rather packed actually, perhaps this is a ploy. Sends down a length ball that is clipped away to short midwicket
  , Imran Khan to Rogers, no run,
  , Imran Khan to Rogers, no run, his line has been poor all through this over. Slides a back of a length delivery well down the leg side
  , Imran Khan to Rogers, no run, fullish delivery, which is on middle and off stump, which means Rogers is more circumspect. Presents a straight bat
  , Imran Khan to Warner, 3 runs, seems to have settled into the perfect line.. for a right-hander. But to Warner, it only enables an easy tuck to the right of midwicket
  , Imran Khan to Rogers, 3 runs, oh, almost. But some fancy footwork at the square leg boundary from Zulfiqar keeps that to three. A concerted effort to target the stumps goes a touch awry. Neat clip off the front foot by Rogers
  , O'Keefe to Younis Khan, FOUR, that's the Pakistan record! 26th Test ton, and it's two tons in the same Test. Against Australia too. Comes off a powerful sweep, all along the ground to the square leg boundary. That is also Pakistan's declaration!
  , O'Keefe to Younis Khan, no run, tossed up on the pads, nudged away behind square leg, but there's a man there as well
  , O'Keefe to Younis Khan, no run, this is a good length ball on off stump, defended under his eyes
  , O'Keefe to Younis Khan, no run, and that means that tap into the point doesn't fetch him the single he needs
  , O'Keefe to Sarfraz Ahmed, 1 run, shortish and a shade outside off, tapped away through the covers
  , O'Keefe to Younis Khan, 1 run, that's a top edge, Younis' sweep, for once, is mistimed. He had to drag it from well outside off and there wasn't too much pace behind this either. Two seemed likely, but Mitch had thundered in at the ball from fine leg
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