Live Cricket Scores
England vs India
Lunch : England won the toss and elected to bat
( 119 overs )

  , Sharma to Root, 1 run, gets back to tuck a length ball through to long leg and England walk off for lunch having won another session in this Test
  , Sharma to Bell, 1 run, clipped to the right of mid-on and he will start thinking about cucumber sandwiches
  , Sharma to Bell, no run, looped up just outside off, lunges forward to the pitch to defend it
  , Sharma to Bell, no run, tossed up on off stump, smothered
  , Sharma to Root, 1 run, this keeps low now! Root has to crouch down low, having gone back and gets a bit of an outside edge to find his first runs of the game
  , Sharma to Root, no run, pushed through at the stumps, defended
  , Jadeja to Bell, no run, shorter ball, chopped away to point. But wait, we have a couple of minutes left so one more over can be sneaked in
  , Jadeja to Bell, no run, tossed up just outside off, kept out and walks away to square leg
  , Jadeja to Bell, no run, this one goes on with the arm, Bell defends and gets a bit of an inside edge
  , Jadeja to Bell, no run, brings him forward to a fuller ball on off stump
  , Jadeja to Bell, no run, pushed through down leg, Dhoni does well with the gloves again. Good footwork
  , Jadeja to Bell, no run, flighted around the off stump, defended solidly
  , Sharma to Root, no run, good length ball on and around the stumps, defended
  , Sharma to Ballance, OUT, turn, bounce, outside edge, is it? Yes says the umpire and the part-timer has produced a dream of a ball! This was drifting in on middle and Ballance was deep in his crease to try and nudge it into the leg side again, but the ball gripped the deck and misbehaves. Ballance is squared up and Dhoni takes a good take. Oopsy, there wasn't an edge there. The deflection was off the thigh pad!
  , Sharma to Ballance, no run, a little short again, Ballance is happy to push into the off side
  , Sharma to Bell, 1 run, backs away to a length ball to allow him to steer it through the vacant point
  , Sharma to Bell, no run, pushes forward to block a fuller ball just outside off
  , Sharma to Bell, no run, starts from around the wicket and tosses it up on leg stump, picked away to square leg
  , Jadeja to Ballance, no run, tossed up just outside off, defended
  , Jadeja to Ballance, 4 byes, grip, turn and the only result is it slinks away to the fine leg boundary. Ballance was set for a little tuck to the leg side but the ball rips right across his pads
  , Jadeja to Ballance, no run, nudged away to short leg
  , Jadeja to Ballance, FOUR, looped up just outside off, inviting the drive. Ballance goes after it and threads it through a rather vacant cover field
  , Jadeja to Ballance, no run, good length ball on off stump, Ballance turns it to leg gully gingerly
  , Jadeja to Ballance, no run, tossed up just outside off, Ballance is finally drawn forward to defend. Touch more turn and he gets an inside edge onto pad
  , Pankaj Singh to Bell, FOUR, chopped away to the third man boundary! Runs are flowing for England, just a touch short and Bell can play the late cut in his sleep with one arm tied behind his back while doing a jig, if he has to
  , Pankaj Singh to Ballance, 1 run, back of a length and this seems to have gripped in the pitch a little more and leapt up to take the shoulder of the bat. Supple hands though ensure Ballance drops it into the ground on the off side
  , Pankaj Singh to Ballance, no run, sinks below another short ball that was targeted across him. The angle would have made a pull unwise
  , Pankaj Singh to Ballance, FOUR, this time the ploy of bowling short aids the batsman. Gets across, goes for a pull and he's placed it considerably fine of the man at square leg. 150 up! Efficient
  , Pankaj Singh to Ballance, no run, dug in and gets good height on this too. Ballance watches it carefully and lets it sail over his shoulders
  , Pankaj Singh to Bell, 1 run, short ball, dragged from outside off down to long leg. Easily done
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