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Dolphins vs Perth Scorchers
Finished : Perth Scorchers won by 6 wickets (with 0 balls remaining)
( 20 overs )
Perth Scorchers
( 20 overs )

  , Frylinck to Marsh, SIX, Marsh, take a bow! He's racing to his team-mates who have invaded the field. Six needed, six got, match dusted, lets go home. Another low full toss, Marsh wound up and sends it soaring into the sightscreen! What a finish! Marsh got 37 off 12 in the Big Bash final, this time he has 40 off 26!
  , Frylinck to Marsh, SIX, lobs up a full toss, Marsh has jumped down the track and hammers it over midwicket. He was nearly halfway down the track which was why the ball reached well over his waist. Not given no-ball because he ran forward
  , Frylinck to Turner, 1 run, gets down the track and punches the fuller ball down to long-on
  , Frylinck to Turner, 2 runs, fires a yorker on leg stump, Turner clips it away to deep square leg. Marsh was backing up big time there and they are able to take two
  , Frylinck to Agar, OUT, he shuffles across outside off and goes for a lap, bot there is no power behind it, he had to fetch the low full toss from outside off and short fine leg ends up taking a decent catch. The batsman tried to cross, but there wasn't enough time
  , Frylinck to Marsh, 1 run, he was batting outside leg stump, Frylinck drills the yorker down to long-on. They want a couple, but it's not possible
  , Abbott to Marsh, 1 run, low full toss to mid-off, Marsh belts it to mid-off and races off to the other end
  , Abbott to Agar, 1 run, nails the yorker on leg stump and Agar rotates strike towards midwicket
  , Abbott to Agar, FOUR, that the luck a chasing team would like, a low full toss earns a swipe from Agar, thick outside edge flies away past the keeper
  , Abbott to Marsh, 1 run, this time he finds the blockhole and keeps Marsh to the non-strikers' end after a push to long-on
  , Abbott to Marsh, FOUR, misses his length, Marsh was waiting for that as he bends his front knee and hammers the half-volley through the gap between cover and mid-off
  , Abbott to Agar, 1 run, full on leg stump, Agar clears his front leg and slices it through point
  , Frylinck to Marsh, 2 runs, speared in on middle and leg, picked away through to deep fine leg
  , Frylinck to Agar, 1 run, dropped at extra cover. Agar got under the length ball and smeared it. The sub fielder moves to his left, gets two hands to it but fluffs it as he searches for his balance
  , Frylinck to Agar, no run, sneaks in a slower ball as Agar moves outside leg to slap it away through the covers. Can't connect
  , Frylinck to Agar, 2 runs, backs away to the length ball and belts it over the off side field, deep cover mops up
  , Frylinck to Marsh, 1 run, doesn't allow the batsman to get under, this is too full outside leg stump as Marsh was making room. Can only punch for one to long-on
  , Frylinck to Marsh, 1 wide, saw the batsman standing on leg stump and fires in a yorker on leg stump, slips a little further off target and ends up an extra
  , Frylinck to Agar, 1 run, full and outside off, Agar slices it through the covers
  , Abbott to Marsh, no run, perfect wide yorker and Marsh can't get under it with his angled face.
  , Abbott to Agar, 1 run, wants the yorker, has to settle for the low full toss as Agar bunts it down to long-on
  , Abbott to Agar, FOUR, a couple of bounces and into the cover boundary as Agar launches a length ball with the angle of the ball. Good shot that
  , Abbott to Agar, no run, keeps out a yorker on off stump with an open face, no single there as point hunts it down
  , Abbott to Marsh, 1 run, fullish on leg stump, dug out to long-off
  , Abbott to Marsh, FOUR, belted down the ground, that's a four off the first ball of the over. Cleared his front leg and hammers the low full toss down the ground. That might well have scorched the outfield along its way
  , Alexander to Marsh, 1 run, full on off stump, Marsh pushes it down to long-on and keeps strike
  , Alexander to Whiteman, OUT, that's the long boundary, Whiteman takes it on and has fallen to a good catch from Smit wide of long-on. It was full and cramping him for room, Whiteman made his own and swung free but just did not have the power
  , Alexander to Marsh, 1 run, back of a length and angled in, Marsh tucks it away towards midwicket
  , Alexander to Whiteman, 1 run, lovely shot, and even better fielding at the deep square leg boundary. This was full on leg stump, Whiteman's timed the flick brilliantly and the fielder down there has to pull out a dive to his left to hold that in
  , Alexander to Whiteman, no run, slower bouncer on and around off stump, Whiteman is fooled as he looks for a pull. Can't adjust and misses out
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