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England vs South Africa
In Progress : South Africa require another 223 runs with 8 wickets and 44.1 overs remaining
( 45 overs )
South Africa
( 5.5 overs )

  , Topley to Rossouw, no run,
  , Topley to Rossouw, no run,
  , Topley to Rossouw, no run, length ball on the stumps, calmly defended by the new batsman
  , Topley to du Plessis, OUT, big inswinger to start with - he's got him first ball! Loose drive from du Plessis, flicks the inside edge and rattles leg stump... Topley is on a hat-trick! Not sure about the stroke but it has certainly shaken this chase up
  , Topley to de Kock, OUT, nips it through him, big, big appeal from Topley - and England are going to review the not-out decision. It was a good, searching ball, over the top of off but did it clip the inside edge on its way through? Yes, it did! Visible edge on to his trouser pocket, which might have been the bit that threw Chris Gaffaney, but it won't cost England, as the decision is overturned and the finger is raised! Top stops de Kock
  , Broad to Amla, no run, shorter, worked off the body square
  , Broad to Amla, no run, pressed forward and defends, Broad fields... and does a bit of keepy-uppy, for kicks
  , Broad to Amla, no run, back to line and length in the channel, left alone
  , Broad to Amla, FOUR, lovely stroke, back-foot punch from Amla, just offered a bit of width and he caressed it with Fairy soft hands to the point boundary
  , Broad to Amla, no run, tighter to off, 136kph and blocked from the crease
  , Broad to Amla, no run, length ball, slightly wide of the stumps but Amla isn't playing at those (yet)
  , Topley to de Kock, no run, better from Topley, no room for de Kock to swing his arms, prodded to mid-on
  , Topley to de Kock, no run, good length, 132kph on the stumps, keeps de Kock honest
  , Topley to de Kock, 1 wide, loses his line down the leg side, possibly a slower ball... definitely a wide
  , Topley to de Kock, no run, back of a length, tapped down square on the off side
  , Topley to Amla, 1 run, little bit of shape back in towards the right-hander from over the wicket, inside-edged through square leg
  , Topley to Amla, 1 wide, fired down the leg side again - costly extras for England
  , Topley to Amla, no run, pitched up around off stump, opens the face and steers towards point
  , Topley to Amla, no run, fullish length on the stumps, 128kph and jabbed away
  , Topley to Amla, 1 wide, slightly short and veering down the leg side as Amla swishes and misses
  , Broad to de Kock, no run, good length outside off, de Kock steers it square from the crease
  , Broad to de Kock, no run, back round the wicket, pitched up and de Kock drives, the bat turns in the hands and sends it to midwicket
  , Broad to Amla, 1 run, shorter, angling back in, pulled safely down through backward square leg for one
  , Broad to Amla, no run, excellent line from Broad, neither-nor length and Amla seems in two minds about leaving
  , Broad to Amla, no run, slightly shorter, moves across to block on off stump
  , Broad to Amla, no run, line and length in the corridor outside off, Amla watches it impassively
  , Topley to de Kock, no run, length delivery, fourth stump and defended down, rolls back and de Kock is there to shoo it away from his stumps... Playing with a slightly close face, which could get him in trouble
  , Topley to de Kock, no run, good length, shuffles forward and plays into the ground off the bottom half of the bat
  , Topley to de Kock, no run, beaten again, trying to drive! Bit of nibble back in and past the inside edge
  , Topley to de Kock, FOUR, boshed! Really gets hold of this one in response, lacerated past mid-off on the drive, Morgan's dived by it flashed by him in a blink
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