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South Africa vs Sri Lanka
Finished : South Africa won by 82 runs
South Africa
( 50 overs )
Sri Lanka
( 44.3 overs )

  , Duminy to Malinga, OUT, Malinga is down the track trying to smash it over the bowler's head, but mistimes it horribly and sends up a lob. Duminy backtracks from the crease and gets under it. Makes no mistake.
  , Duminy to Malinga, no run, floated up, straightening on middle, defended
  , Duminy to Malinga, no run, wide of off stump, but he turns it back in just enough for it to be legal
  , Morkel to Mendis, no run, full toss on off stump, Malinga just defends it
  , Morkel to Senanayake, OUT, two in two for Morkel. That's a full toss that Senanayake tries to loft over the off side, but he's hitting into the wind and has played the shot too early in any case. Jacques Kallis gets under it at the edge of the circle and pouches it no problem. SA one wicket away from their first ODI series win in the country.
  , Morkel to Herath, OUT, short and a little wide, Herath tries to heave it away to the leg side, but only gets a top edge. It goes high over the keeper, but QdK runs back to complete a pretty comfortable catch.
  , Morkel to Senanayake, 1 run, full on off stump, SS is too early into the shot, but he gets an inside edge and takes a single to the leg side
  , Morkel to Senanayake, no run, another short ball, quicker this time and closer in to the stumps. The batsman tries to repeat the dose and misses
  , Morkel to Senanayake, FOUR, short and somewhat wide. SS gets nicely under it and hits it over backward point for four
  , Imran Tahir to Herath, no run, floated up on off stump, defended by Herath
  , Imran Tahir to Herath, no run, Herath tries the reverse sweep first up, probably picked the googly, Doesn't connect though
  , Imran Tahir to Senanayake, 1 run, floated in on off stump, driven down to long off
  , Imran Tahir to Senanayake, no run, floated up and turning away sharply, the batsman doesn't even play at that
  , Imran Tahir to Senanayake, no run, another quick leggie, SS is down the pitch and gets pad in the way
  , Imran Tahir to Senanayake, no run, fast leggie, SS tries to chop it, but misses
  , McLaren to Senanayake, 1 run, yorker, dug out toward long on
  , McLaren to Herath, 1 run, length outside off stump, Herath guides it to third man
  , McLaren to Mathews, OUT, super catch, and that may be the game for the hosts! Again the bouncer gets rid of a batsman. Mathews doesn't control the hook shot, and the tallest man on the park is at short fine leg. Morkel sticks his giant paws up and the ball sticks to his left palm like it's a glue trap. South Africa on the brink of making ODI history here. AB plants a big kiss on Morkel's cheek. He knows what that wicket means, and he's not afraid to show it.
  , McLaren to Senanayake, 1 run, full delivery outside off stump, SS plays a huge drive, gets an inside edge and squirts it to short fine leg
  , McLaren to Senanayake, no run, slower short of a length ball, Senanayake tries to glide it to third man, but misses
  , McLaren to Mathews, 1 run, Mathews almost hits that down long on's throat. He tried to smash that over the fence, but didn't quite middle it. Du Plessis comes off the rope and makes a good effort to catch it, but it just doesn't carry
  , Imran Tahir to Mathews, 1 run, pitched wide of off stump, turning away. Mathews cuts but can't beat point. How good has SA's fielding been?
  , Imran Tahir to Mathews, SIX, latches on to that one. Mathews is sick of letting Tahir dictate. He gets on one knee and slog sweeps him against the turn, over the square leg fence
  , Imran Tahir to Senanayake, 1 run, doesn't read the googly, Tried to run it off the face to third man but almost inside edges it back onto the stumps. Passes between the keeper's legs and there's a single there
  , Imran Tahir to Senanayake, no run, lovely ball, drifted into off stump, pitches and turns away beating the bat and the stumps
  , Imran Tahir to Mathews, 1 run, full on the stumps, eased to long on to complete his half centiury. Might need twice that amount to get SL close
  , Imran Tahir to Mathews, no run, turning away wide of off stump, Matews opens the face and gets it as far as point
  , McLaren to Senanayake, FOUR, lovely shot that. That's a bouncer about chest high, but it's just outside off. SS stands tall and plays that ramp shot through where slip would stand. Third man is too square to cut it off.
  , McLaren to Senanayake, no run, length outside off stump, Senanayake just gets forward and pushes it to point. Require rate well over 10 now.
  , McLaren to Senanayake, no run, full outside off stump, good looking drive first up, but he doesn't pierce the field
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