Live Cricket Scores
Australia vs India
In Progress : Australia won the toss and elected to bat
( 106.3 overs )

  , Sharma to Johnson, no run, length delivery on the stumps, the batsman pushes it to mid-on
  , Sharma to Johnson, no run, fuller delivery outside off, Johnson comes forward and punches it back to the bowler
  , Sharma to Smith, 1 run, dabbed away to the off side and they take off for a quick single
  , Sharma to Smith, 2 runs, he leans into this length delivery and pushes it to wide mid-off for a single. Kohli fires a wild throw but there is no one backing up, so gives away an overthrow
  , Yadav to Smith, 3 runs, whoa! Where did that come from? It's full and swinging in, Smith, on the other hand, clears his front leg out and goes for a mighty thwack, slices it over mid-off and picks up a couple
  , Yadav to Johnson, 1 run, slower delivery on the stumps, 119 kph, Johnson whips it down to fine leg for another single
  , Yadav to Smith, 1 run, back of length on the stumps, the batsman tucks it through square leg
  , Yadav to Johnson, 1 run, short and on the body, Johnson pulls it down to fine leg with ease
  , Yadav to Johnson, FOUR, take that! This is fuller outside off and it's straight driven over the non-striker's head. Superb hit
  , Yadav to Johnson, FOUR, oh wow! He whips this short ball stylishly off his hips and through to the square leg boundary
  , Sharma to Smith, no run, floats it up outside off again, the batsman pushes it to mid-off from the front foot
  , Sharma to Smith, no run, play and a miss! He hangs his bat at this back of length delivery that straightens on the batsman.. flies past the outside edge
  , Sharma to Smith, no run, floated up fuller on the stumps, the batsman defends it from the crease
  , Sharma to Johnson, (no ball) 1 run, oversteps again as he bowls this short of length delivery, Johnson dabs it to midwicket and picks a single too
  , Sharma to Johnson, no run, he stays in the crease and punches the length delivery to mid-on
  , Sharma to Smith, 3 runs, he comes forward and slices the fuller delivery past the diving point fielder
  , Sharma to Johnson, 1 leg bye, length delivery on the leg stump line, it hits the pads and rolls to Dhoni's right
  , Yadav to Smith, no run, nice ball that one! This is full and swings in sharply. Smith looks to push it off the front foot but gets a thick inside edge on to his pads. Looks like it has hit him on the unprotected part. Ah, that has smacked him int the box.. he is in some pain.
  , Yadav to Smith, no run, he misses out on this leg-side half-volley.. It hits the pads and rolls down to the keeper's left
  , Yadav to Smith, no run, fuller delivery but this one slides well down the leg side
  , Yadav to Smith, no run, length delivery outside off, the batsman keeps his bat out of the way
  , Yadav to Smith, no run, fuller and outside off, left alone this time
  , Yadav to Smith, no run, full delivery outside off, beats Smith's bat and that has been a rarity. Smith tried to drive it without moving forward
  , Mohammed Shami to Johnson, no run, length delivery outside off, Johnson lets it go through
  , Mohammed Shami to Johnson, no run, now Shami tries the short ball at Johnson. The batsman ducks under it then smiles at the bowler
  , Mohammed Shami to Smith, 1 run, bowls full on the stumps, the batsman stays in the crease and nudges it to deep square leg
  , Mohammed Shami to Smith, no run, back of length on off, defended from the pitch
  , Mohammed Shami to Johnson, 1 run, wow! There goes a run-out chance! Johnson pushed this down the ground and thinks about a second.. but Smith has slipped at the other end.. Johnson kept running though. Turns back belatedly and would have been caught short by a direct hit
  , Mohammed Shami to Smith, 3 runs, superbly hit through extra cover! It is full and outside off, good delivery actually, but the batsman knows it's not swinging, so he drives it on the up. They think about the fourth but decide against it in the end
  , Yadav to Johnson, no run, another short one, and this is quick from Umesh. Johnson ducks out of the way
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