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Sydney Sixers vs Perth Scorchers
In Progress : Sydney Sixers won the toss and elected to bat
Sydney Sixers
( 7.2 overs )
Perth Scorchers

  , Hogg to Henriques, 2 runs, pulls in the air and in the gap at deep midwicket.
  , Yasir Arafat to Maddinson, FOUR, another slower delivery and Maddinson pulls it around to the backward square leg fence.
  , Yasir Arafat to Henriques, 1 leg bye, slower delivery and Henriques runs a leg bye.
  , Yasir Arafat to Maddinson, 1 run, hit hard to extra cover, well fielded by Klinger.
  , Yasir Arafat to Maddinson, no run, pushes to the onside to midwicket.
  , Yasir Arafat to Maddinson, no run, flicks to midwicket for a single.
  , Yasir Arafat to Henriques, 1 run, cuts it down to third man.
  , Tye to Henriques, 1 run, misfield at extra cover allows the single.
  , Tye to Maddinson, 1 leg bye, pulls and misses, hit on the body.
  , Tye to Maddinson, no run, chops it down behind point.
  , Tye to Henriques, 1 run, works it forward of square leg for a single.
  , Tye to Henriques, FOUR, too short and slower, pulled in the air to the midwicket fence.
  , Tye to Henriques, no run, slower delivery pushed to mid-on.
  , Behrendorff to Henriques, 1 run, a leading edge through point.
  , Behrendorff to Henriques, FOUR, short ball and pulled well to the midwicket fence, well watched by Henriques.
  , Behrendorff to Henriques, no run, full delivery driven back to the bowler.
  , Behrendorff to Maddinson, 1 run, works it through square leg.
  , Behrendorff to Maddinson, 2 runs, works it through the onside to deep midwicket.
  , Behrendorff to Maddinson, no run, defended to the off side.
  , Coulter-Nile to Henriques, no run, driven to the off side to extra cover.
  , Coulter-Nile to Maddinson, 1 run, gets up with the bounce and steers it down to third man.
  , Coulter-Nile to Maddinson, FOUR, another wild swing, Maddinson is lucky as the ball misses the stumps and down to fine leg fence.
  , Coulter-Nile to Henriques, 1 run, steers it down to third man.
  , Coulter-Nile to Henriques, no run, pulls it down to short fine leg.
  , Coulter-Nile to Maddinson, 1 run, plays softly to covers for a single.
  , Behrendorff to Wessels, OUT, goes for a wild swing and misses it, hits the top of middle stump.
  , Behrendorff to Maddinson, 1 run, gets it off his hips to deep backward square leg.
  , Behrendorff to Maddinson, no run, advances but can only defend to the off side.
  , Behrendorff to Maddinson, no run, tucks it to the onside.
  , Behrendorff to Maddinson, no run, driven to mid-on.
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