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New Zealand vs Australia
In Progress : New Zealand won the toss and elected to bat
New Zealand
( 13.5 overs )

  , Siddle to Williamson, no run, outside off, 135kph and blocked stoutly by Call me Kane
  , Siddle to Williamson, no run, good length on off, shows it the maker's name in defence
  , Siddle to Williamson, no run, Williamson shuffles out and defends
  , Siddle to Williamson, no run, shaping away from the batsman, on a length outside off, left alone
  , Siddle to Williamson, no run, some fiddling with the sight scree... and defended from the crease
  , Lyon to Latham, no run, closes the face and gets a gentle leading edge back up the pitch, Lyon puts his hands on his head
  , Lyon to Latham, no run, lets this one spin through outside off
  , Lyon to Latham, no run, goes back and across to defend
  , Lyon to Latham, 2 runs, tossed up and turned off the pads, shouts of "catch!" from the bowler, gets it into a gap for a couple
  , Lyon to Latham, no run, skips out and flicks the ball towards midwicket
  , Lyon to Latham, no run, Lyon approaches the crease with his familiar man-running-up-a-down-escalator gait, Latham defends
  , Hazlewood to Latham, 1 run, back of a length, nurdled away behind square leg for another single - these two batsmen looking pretty clued in so far
  , Hazlewood to Latham, no run, full length, 136kph in the channel, wide enough to leave well alone
  , Hazlewood to Williamson, 1 run, shortish and flicked away off the hips for one more
  , Hazlewood to Williamson, no run, oof, well bowled, springs off a length past the outside edge, Williamson back in the crease and playing just inside it
  , Hazlewood to Williamson, no run, pitched up further and Williamson gets across to steer the ball away
  , Hazlewood to Williamson, no run, extra bounce from Hazlewood, in the channel outside off, left alone
  , Lyon to Latham, no run, angled in with the arm, blocked in front of the stumps
  , Lyon to Latham, no run, flatter from Lyon, comes forward to defend to the off side
  , Lyon to Latham, FOUR, skips out and lofts over mid-on, didn't completely get hold of it but comfortably cleared the man and that's his first boundary
  , Lyon to Latham, no run, tossed up and pushed back down the track
  , Lyon to Latham, no run, draws his length back a touch, gets forward to defend on off stump
  , Lyon to Latham, no run, round the wicket, flighted on middle and off, punched along the ground to mid-on
  , Hazlewood to Latham, 3 runs, pitched up on the stumps and Latham splunks it back down the ground for three
  , Hazlewood to Latham, no run, big lbw appeal, hitting Latham on the knee roll, Illingworth immediately shakes his head... It was a perfect line, shaping back on middle and off but bounced too much, Eagle Eye showing it going over the top
  , Hazlewood to Latham, no run, similar line, climbing through outside off, Latham stays back and offers no stroke
  , Hazlewood to Latham, no run, good length angled across in the channel, 139kph and left alone
  , Hazlewood to Williamson, 3 runs, full and a touch too straight, allows Williamson to tickle one more off his legs through midwicket
  , Hazlewood to Williamson, no run, back of a length and blocked from the crease
  , Siddle to Latham, no run, shorter, 136mph and Latham drops back and taps it down into the turf
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