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India vs Australia
Stumps : India trail by 26 runs with 9 wickets remaining

  , Johnson to Pujara, no run,
  , Johnson to Pujara, no run, length ball, angling in towards top of off. Pujara comes forward to defend
  , Johnson to Pujara, no run, shorter now, angling away, giving Pujara a sniff of room for that favourite cut of his. He resists the temptation
  , Johnson to Pujara, no run, fuller now, on middle stump. Pujara comes forward to block it back to the bowler
  , Johnson to Pujara, no run, back of a length again, a little wider this time, and Pujara leaves it alone
  , Johnson to Pujara, no run, back of a length on off stump, defended to short cover
  , Hazlewood to Dhawan, no run, length ball on middle stump, defended to short straight midwicket
  , Hazlewood to Dhawan, no run, a little wider now and it's easier for Dhawan to leave this
  , Hazlewood to Dhawan, no run, length ball in the corridor outside off. Dhawan's hands go at the ball initially and he stops himself at the last moment to make sure he misses the ball
  , Hazlewood to Dhawan, 2 runs, full and wide and Dhawan drives, playing a bit early and scooping it up to the right of mid-off
  , Hazlewood to Dhawan, no run, back of a length now, straighter line, and he gets on his toes to keep that down into the leg side
  , Hazlewood to Dhawan, no run, full on off stump and Dhawan defends into the mid-off region. His feet moved a little late, and he walked into the shot a little bit
  , Johnson to Pujara, no run, full, angling in, Pujara gets a good stride forward to defend with a studiously straight bat, holding the pose for a while while taking the bottom hand off
  , Johnson to Pujara, no run, full and wide this time. Pujara leaves it alone. That looked quite rapid, not sure what speed it clocked
  , Johnson to Pujara, no run, back of a length now, angling in towards off. Pujara defends with soft hands into the off side
  , Johnson to Pujara, no run, another bouncer, angling in from wide of the crease. Again Pujara drops to his knees and sways his upper body out of the way, keeping his eyes on the ball right through
  , Johnson to Pujara, no run, follows up with the bouncer and Pujara does well to sway out of the way
  , Johnson to Pujara, FOUR, short ball, angling in and Pujara hops to get on top of the bounce and dabs it away with good control past gully
  , Hazlewood to Dhawan, no run, ooh, another excellent delivery. Back of a length and it straightens towards off stump. Dhawan defends quite close to his body but the movement causes him to inside-edge it downwards, towards his stumps, but his legs are in the way
  , Hazlewood to Dhawan, no run, shortish, and that climbs up unexpectedly as Dhawan shapes to pull. He ends up fending it away, off the handle into the leg side. Took his bottom hand off, or that would have jammed his fingers against his handle
  , Hazlewood to Dhawan, no run, back of a length on middle and off, defended towards mid-off
  , Hazlewood to Dhawan, no run, length ball on off stump and he gets nicely forward to defend to mid-off
  , Hazlewood to Dhawan, 2 runs, down the leg side now and he works it away off his pads towards fine leg. Johnson moves quickly to his left from long leg and cuts it off at the rope
  , Hazlewood to Dhawan, no run, length ball angling across. Dhawan gets a big stride out to push into the covers. They think about a single and decide against it, with good reason
  , Johnson to Pujara, no run, shortish rising ball angling into Pujara's body. He takes his bottom hand off the handle to defend into the leg side
  , Johnson to Pujara, no run, very full outside off. Pujara drives to the right of point, jamming his bat down over the ball
  , Johnson to Pujara, no run, full, angling in towards off stump, Pujara presses forward to defend to short cover
  , Johnson to Dhawan, 1 run, fuller now, angling towards middle and leg, and he presses forward and defends into the off side. Pujara is quickly out of the crease to pinch the single for his partner
  , Johnson to Dhawan, no run, short ball, Dhawan sways out of the line
  , Johnson to Pujara, 1 run, length ball on a fourth-stump line. Pujara gets his head over the ball and dabs it with soft hands to the left of the short cover fielder. He's been looking to take a lot of these quick singles in this innings so far
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