Live Cricket Scores
England vs India
In Progress : India won the toss and elected to field
( 10.3 overs )

  , Kumar to Cook, 1 run, he stays back and cuts the length delivery to Samson at third man
  , Kumar to Cook, no run, nicely punched on the up, but he hits it straight back to the bowler
  , Kumar to Cook, no run, length delivery outside off, there is no room there and Cook defends it to off
  , Mohammed Shami to Hales, no run, looks to create room with his trigger movement and punches the back of length delivery to short cover
  , Mohammed Shami to Hales, no run, length delivery on the middle and leg stump, Hales punches it to midwicket. He likes room on off but gets cramped sometimes when his pads are targetted
  , Mohammed Shami to Hales, no run, he stands up tall and punches the back of the length delivery to cover
  , Mohammed Shami to Cook, 1 run, poor line, it's on the pads and it's flicked to fine leg easily
  , Mohammed Shami to Cook, FOUR, whoaa!! That is as emphatic a pull you will see all day. It was short and Cook swivels to whack it over deep backward square leg .. that lobs over the boundary
  , Mohammed Shami to Cook, no run, looks to punch it on the up but gets an inside edge on to his pads
  , Kumar to Hales, 2 runs, some width this time and Hales cracks it to deep backward point for a couple
  , Kumar to Cook, 1 run, edged as the batsman goes for a loose push at an away going delivery.. This flies through gully, but that man is at second slip now.. Samson at third man picks it up
  , Kumar to Cook, no run, he stays on the back foot and chops the length delivery to Jadeja at point
  , Kumar to Cook, no run, superbly hit down the ground and was it not for Bhuvi's left foot, that was heading to the boundary. Bhuvi manages to deflect it to mid on
  , Kumar to Cook, no run, stays in the crease and punches the length delivery to cover
  , Kumar to Hales, 1 run, gets it to shape in, though not as alarmingly as earlier, Hales pushes it to midwicket off the back foot
  , Mohammed Shami to Hales, 3 runs, goes for the yorker, but this is a half-volley. Hales has got his feet out of the way and he flicks it through midwicket for a few runs. That is kept in by the fielder running in from deep square leg
  , Mohammed Shami to Hales, no run, he is standing tall and punching well! Gets behind the line of this shortish delivery and punches it to mid-on with a super-straight bat
  , Mohammed Shami to Hales, no run, back of length around off stump at 137kph, punched to mid-on from the crease
  , Mohammed Shami to Hales, no run, adjusts the line to outside off and immediately beats the batsman as Hales tries to push it to cover. It straightened just a bit
  , Mohammed Shami to Hales, FOUR, fuller delivery targetting the middle stump but it meets the middle of the bat on a downward swing.. punched beautifully down the ground for another boundary.
  , Mohammed Shami to Hales, no run, zips this one in at 132 kph but it's too leg-sidish. The batsman gets hit on the thigh pad as he looks to clip it
  , Kumar to Cook, no run, another one swinging into the pads, the batsman nudges it straight to backward square leg
  , Kumar to Cook, no run, back of length and coming in to the batsman, Cook wants a single to square leg but Hales rightly sends him back
  , Kumar to Cook, FOUR, edged! But where is second slip? He has been taken away. The gully fielder and the first slip look at each other as this slides off the bat
  , Kumar to Cook, no run, he comes solidly behind the line of the ball, pushes it back to the bowler
  , Kumar to Hales, 3 runs, he is opening up now! Cuts this one hard through gully as the ball shapes away. Shami, running from third-man, boots it in
  , Kumar to Cook, 1 run, changes the strike over with a steer to third man
  , Sharma to Hales, FOUR, And he repeats the shot! Beautifully placed. It's not a drive.. more of a punch. And he creates just enough room my moving his left leg out of the way.
  , Sharma to Hales, FOUR, superb shot through extra cover! He opens the stance just a little bit and transfers his body weight forward. There was nothing wrong with the ball, but he manages to punch it beautifully in the gap at wide mid-on
  , Sharma to Cook, 1 run, good work by Kohli at mid-off! He dives to his left to cut off a certain boundary. Cook had punched it on the up and had a lot of timing on it
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