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Kings XI Punjab vs Kolkata Knight Riders
In Progress : Kolkata Knight Riders won the toss and elected to field
Kings XI Punjab
( 9 overs )
Kolkata Knight Riders

  , Narine to Maxwell, no run, slid through quicker, catches Maxi on the pad, but this was heading down leg
  , Narine to Maxwell, 4 byes, pushed through outside leg as Maxi pre-meditates a reverse-slap and misses. The ball beats the keeper and runs away fine
  , Narine to Maxwell, no run,
  , Narine to Maxwell, FOUR, flighted and loopy from Narine, Maxi backs away a touch, steps out and slices it through the covers, beats long-off to his left
  , Narine to Bailey, 1 run, fuller and on off, eased down to long-on
  , Narine to Maxwell, 1 run, straighter on off, nurdled to the right of short fine
  , Russell to Bailey, 2 runs, back of a length and outside off, slapped away to deep cover for one
  , Russell to Maxwell, 1 run, What a clanger! Yusuf drops a sitter. Banged in short and outside off, Maxi top-edges the pull and shoots it up in the air. Yusuf takes his eyes off it at deep midwicket and puts it down. Pops in and pops out. How costly will that turn out to be?
  , Russell to Maxwell, no run, low full toss and Russell seeks the base of off, sliced to the covers
  , Russell to Bailey, 1 run, fuller and on middle and leg, glanced to short fine
  , Russell to Bailey, no run, back of a length and skids through outside off, flat-batted back to the bowler. Not much power behind that
  , Russell to Bailey, no run, angled in fuller on middle and leg, tucked to midwicket, finds the fielder
  , Narine to Bailey, 1 run, quicker through the air again, a tad short. Punched off the back foot towards cow corner. Russell mops it up
  , Narine to Maxwell, 1 run, this Narine offering skids off the deck and hurries on middle. Maxi brings his bat down and whips it away through midwicket
  , Narine to Maxwell, no run, floated up and on off, pushed to the covers
  , Narine to Maxwell, no run, fuller on middle and leg, blocked back to Narine
  , Narine to Maxwell, no run, shortish and outside off, Maxi wants to lash it away, chops it to the covers
  , Narine to Maxwell, no run, slid through outside off, left alone
  , Morkel to Bailey, no run, back of a length and outside off, Bailey gets on top of the bounce and cuts it to the left of point, diving save
  , Morkel to Bailey, no run, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V of the previous ball as Morne explores the channel outside off
  , Morkel to Bailey, no run, back of a length, extra lift outside off, Bailey lets it be
  , Morkel to Maxwell, 1 run, back of a length with some away shape outside off, Maxi reads it and pokes it to deep third man
  , Morkel to Maxwell, FOUR, back of a length and outside off, Maxi stands up tall and balanced as he punchily drives it through the covers, away she screams to the boundary
  , Morkel to Maxwell, SIX, length delivery outside off, Maxi, having backed away, has enough leverage to smash it to the long-on boundary. Flat and powerful, six
  , Russell to Maxwell, 1 run, dug in shortish and cramps Maxi for room, mistimed paddle in front of short fine
  , Russell to Bailey, 1 run, dug in on a back of a length, tap-and-run single in front of the covers
  , Russell to Bailey, FOUR, dropped shortish and sliding across off, Bailey belts it between the covers and point
  , Russell to Bailey, FOUR, dug in short and outside off, Bailey swivels on the back foot with the balance of a ballet dancer and pulls it to the right of mid-on. Put away!
  , Russell to Sehwag, OUT, Kings XI have been reduced to 27 for 3, sharp work from Chawla. Sehwag wants to whip this length ball on middle and leg away, does so. But Chawla dives to his right at short midwicket and pulls off a smart, low catch
  , Russell to Sehwag, FOUR, width on offer outside off, Viru latches onto it. On a good length, Sehwag punches with an open face and nails the gap and cover-point and point
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