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Sri Lanka Under-19s vs Bangladesh Under-19s
In Progress : Bangladesh Under-19s require another 209 runs with 9 wickets and 49.0 overs remaining
Sri Lanka Under-19s
( 48.5 overs )
Bangladesh Under-19s
( 1 overs )

  , AM Fernando to Jaker Ali, no run, short on off, defended
  , AM Fernando to Jaker Ali, FOUR, veering into the pads at 143.6ks, flicked handsomely through backward square for four
  , AM Fernando to Jaker Ali, 1 wide, short and wide outside off, wided
  , AM Fernando to Jaker Ali, no run, back of a length and angled in, defended on the front foot
  , AM Fernando to Zakir Hasan, OUT, whoa! What a ball. Asitha flattens the off stump and roars. Inswinging yorker, first-ball duck for Zakir. It slides under the bat as Zakir is beaten for pace
  , AM Fernando to Joyraz Sheik, 1 run, full and outside off, Joraz throws his hands at it, the outside edge wanders to third man
  , AM Fernando to Joyraz Sheik, no run, back of a length, Asitha lands it outside off and gets it to move away further. No shot offered
  , Abdul Halim to Kumara, OUT, and Halim has another, SL dismissed for 214 in 48.5 overs. Back of a length and outside off, Kumara targets the leg side and topples over, popping a dolly catch to point off the leading edge
  , Abdul Halim to Kumara, no run, full and outside off, dirty slog, but Kumara can't connect
  , Abdul Halim to Asalanka, OUT, Asalanka jumps down the track for another club. He can only drag it into the hands of long-on. Halim breaks his duck, bags his first wicket in the tournament
  , Abdul Halim to Asalanka, no run, length ball on middle, lobbed in front of cover
  , Abdul Halim to Asalanka, FOUR, poor ball, full toss outside off, clubbed between deep midwicket and long-on for four
  , Mohammad Saifuddin to Kumara, no run, swing and a miss to a full ball, nearly shaves the off stump
  , Mohammad Saifuddin to Kumara, no run, low full toss on the pads, clipped straight to short midwicket. Asalanka is too eager for the single. A direct hit would have probably undone Asalanka
  , Mohammad Saifuddin to Kumara, no run, yorker outside off, dips under the bat
  , Mohammad Saifuddin to Asalanka, 1 run, canny slower ball on off, bunted down the ground. Asalanka wants the strike. No dice
  , Mohammad Saifuddin to Asalanka, FOUR, one can't afford to bowl such a tripe ball, especially when fine leg is in the circle. Leg-side full toss, helped away on its way
  , Mohammad Saifuddin to Asalanka, 2 runs, Asalanka uses his feet, gets a full ball, which is hoisted over extra cover
  , Mehedi Hasan Miraz to Asalanka, 1 run, slid through outside off, pushed to cover
  , Mehedi Hasan Miraz to Kumara, 1 run, pushed through outside off, he goes for a booming drive and gets an inside edge behind square
  , Mehedi Hasan Miraz to Kumara, no run, short ball on middle, played back to the bowler on the back foot
  , Mehedi Hasan Miraz to Asalanka, 1 run, fired on off, driven to long-off
  , Mehedi Hasan Miraz to Asalanka, no run, yorker on off, dug out
  , Mehedi Hasan Miraz to Asalanka, SIX, pushed through on middle, Asalanka shuffles across a bit, smacking it over midwicket with a powerful slog sweep
  , Mohammad Saifuddin to Asalanka, 1 run, full on the stumps, chipped over mid-off
  , Mohammad Saifuddin to Asalanka, 2 runs, length ball on off, hoicked to long-on
  , Mohammad Saifuddin to Kumara, 1 run, slapped to cover again, Kumara takes the fielder on for a single
  , Mohammad Saifuddin to Kumara, no run, too full and outside off, flayed to cover. Kumara drifts off for a quick single, but is sent back quickly enough
  , Mohammad Saifuddin to Asalanka, 1 run, slower one outside off, Shaifuddin is mixing it up well, chopped to backward point
  , Mohammad Saifuddin to Asalanka, no run, full and too wide outside off, swing and a miss. Wide
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