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Warwickshire vs Northamptonshire
Finished : Northamptonshire won by 5 wickets (with 12 balls remaining)
( 20 overs )
( 18 overs )
Fall of wickets - Warwickshire 1 INN
       Willey to Chopra       5/1

Willey to Chopra,OUT,fantastic delivery! Superb stuff from Willey. A full, swinging delivery which spears into Chopra's boot and traps him right in front...lovely bowling

       Willey to Porterfield       6/2

Willey to Porterfield,OUT,and another! What a start for Willey! Full and straight, doesn't really swing, Porterfield just misses his expansive drive and the stumps are splattered

       Kleinveldt to Ambrose       12/3

Kleinveldt to Ambrose,OUT,gone! Three down! Birmingham, the defending champions, all over the place. He has just punched a full delivery straight back to the bowler. Driving on the up a little, pretty soft

       Willey to Bell       14/4

Willey to Bell,OUT,and another! Would you believe it! Willey is on fire. A back-of-a-length delivery which Bell was aiming to push into the off side and there's a thin nick to the keeper

       Kleinveldt to Clarke       107/5

Kleinveldt to Clarke,OUT,swing and a miss! Swiping across the line at a length delivery and loses his off stump. A pretty ugly innings from Clarke, but he was in a tough position

       Willey to Evans       131/5

Willey to Evans,1 run, OUT,round the wicket for the last ball, full at the stumps, heaved out to deep midwicket and there's a run out as they try for the second run

Fall of wickets - Northamptonshire 1 INN
       Hannon-Dalby to Willey       27/1

Hannon-Dalby to Willey,OUT,shorter ball, and he clubs it straight to deep midwicket! A cutter from Hannon-Dalby (are they slower balls if that's all that is bowled?) and Willey can't get the elevation or placement

       Patel to Cobb       67/2

Patel to Cobb,OUT,plays around a straight ball! Playing for the turn. Aiming into the leg side, the face closes, the ball goes straight on and strikes middle and off. Lovely flight from Patel

       Rankin to Duckett       74/3

Rankin to Duckett,OUT,nicked and gone! Duckett trying to drive on the up, delivery angled across outside off just back of a length, and Rankin jumps for joy

       Patel to Wakely       80/4

Patel to Wakely,OUT,and another! Oh boy! Lovely from Patel, Wakely also playing for turn but it's the slider - flicked out the front of the hand - from Patel which catches the outside edge and it's nicely snaffled by Ambrose

       Rankin to Crook       95/5

Rankin to Crook,OUT,picks out deep cover! There was some width outside off, Crook went over the off side, connected sweetly, but couldn't have found Bell with better accuracy

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