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India vs England
Finished : India won by 133 runs (D/L method)
( 50 overs )
( 38.1 overs )
Fall of wickets - India 1 INN
       Woakes to Dhawan       19/1

Woakes to Dhawan,OUT,breakthrough! Reward for Woakes. Dhawan's difficult stay is over. A full delivery outside off, Dhawan goes for a drive and gets a thin outside edge to the keeper...that's been on the cards this morning.

       Woakes to Kohli       19/2

Woakes to Kohli,OUT,that's all over! No relief for Kohli yet. He tries to take the aggressive option, comes down the pitch to Woakes and drives powerfully on the up but straight to Cook at mid-off. What a gift for England

       Tredwell to Rahane       110/3

Tredwell to Rahane,OUT,a nice slider past the outside edge and Buttler goes up for a stumping, we're going upstairs. This is very close, Rahane dragged his back foot out of his ground, then rocked is back, did he do it in time? He must have something grounded behind the popping crease. If there's anything back, it is very marginal indeed. And the third umpires says it's not there, timely wicket for England, nice arm ball from Tredwell

       Tredwell to RG Sharma       132/4

Tredwell to RG Sharma,OUT,down the wicket and a miscued lofted drive finds long-off. Tredwell strikes again, luring Sharma into trying to aim at the short straight boundaries but this connection is a thick outside edge that presented an easy chance to the fielder running a few yards off the long-off rope

       Woakes to Raina       276/5

Woakes to Raina,OUT,full just outside off, Raina gave himself a little room and drove hard into the off side but in the air and finds deep cover. So a fantastic innings comes to an end. Another pumping stroke off the meat of the bat but straight to Anderson who took a simple catch

       Woakes to Dhoni       288/6

Woakes to Dhoni,OUT,slower ball, 68mph, Woakes has given that a few goes and now it pays off, Dhoni swinging wildly to leg and being bowled. Woakes rightly pleased with that delivery, deceived the batsman and he got it on target, taking out leg stump

Fall of wickets - England 1 INN
       Mohammed Shami to Cook       54/1

Mohammed Shami to Cook,OUT,breakthrough! Cook goes well across his stumps, gets struck on the back leg whipping across the line and it looks pretty straight. Richard Illingworth gives it. Replays show it pitched just outside leg

       Mohammed Shami to Bell       56/2

Mohammed Shami to Bell,OUT,cleaned up! Bell leaves a straight ball. A dream over for India. Was never a ball to leave, pitched on off stump, angled back in further and the ball smashes into the top of off stump

       Kumar to Root       63/3

Kumar to Root,OUT,and another! Hanging back proves his downfall. This delivery nips back off a length into Root and scoots between bat and pad into middle stump. Excellent from Bhuvi.

       Jadeja to Hales       81/4

Jadeja to Hales,OUT,swept off the stumps, Hales gets a top edge that loops to short long leg! Big wicket for India and Jadeja takes another ODI wicket against England. Right off the toe I think this has come, gently looping to Ashwin on the 45 on the edge of the circle, he nearly let it drift over his shoulder but held a comfortable catch in the end

       Jadeja to Buttler       85/5

Jadeja to Buttler,OUT,played at firmly on off stump and pops up a catch to extra cover! Oh dear England are sliding away quickly here, Jadeja again! Buttler playing forward on off stump, the ball gripped a little and spun away, taking the outer half of the bat and firm press Buttler applied sent the simplest of chances to Kohli

       Ashwin to Morgan       119/6

Ashwin to Morgan,OUT,slog swept off the stumps, not deep midwicket out but there is a square leg who comes around to take the catch. Morgan has been purring in the last few overs but got this too far up, he was reaching for the sweep slightly, couldn't send it far enough in front of square and gave deep square a chance which he took very well

       Jadeja to Stokes       126/7

Jadeja to Stokes,OUT,down the wicket and fetches this out towards the deep midwicket boundary...oh what a catch! Held right on the edge of the rope, Stokes looked to have absolutely whacked all of that but just tugged it a little, the fielder set himself, and reaching behind him going to his right takes the catch with his hands over the rope but the feet safely in play, great catch

       Raina to Jordan       128/8

Raina to Jordan,OUT,straight and plumb! Trapped on the back foot. The ball skids through a bit. Jordan could have walked for that one

       Jadeja to Woakes       143/9

Jadeja to Woakes,OUT,big spin! That's a lovely delivery. Another England batsman left groping at spin. This one really gripped around off stump, spun sharply away, Woakes had dragged out of his crease and it was a simple stumping for Dhoni

       Ashwin to Tredwell       161/10

Ashwin to Tredwell,OUT,it's all over! Another sweep brings a fat top edge that loops towards midwicket. Ashwin makes it seven wickets for spin the innings.

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