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Australia vs Afghanistan
In Progress : Afghanistan require another 298 runs with 4 wickets and 22.0 overs remaining
( 50 overs )
( 28 overs )
Fall of wickets - Australia 1 INN
       Dawlat Zadran to Finch       14/1

Dawlat Zadran to Finch,OUT,beautiful over. Perfect seam and swing bowling. A few outswingers, then inswinger from wide on the crease, and ends up with a sucker punch of an outswinger. Full, just outside off, Finch thinks he can drive at it, but it is not quite as full as he expects. Which means there is time for the ball to move and take the edge through to first slip where Nawroz Mangal takes a smart low catch

       Shapoor Zadran to Warner       274/2

Shapoor Zadran to Warner,OUT,there won't be a triple hundred today. At least one undesirable record avoided by Afghanistan. This is bowled cross-seam, which is possibly why it has come slower on to him. Warner gets under, goes on a knee, and wants to hit a massive six. Just gets too much under it, and sends it miles into the air. It has hit a meteor or something and has come back for Nabi to take a really difficult catch at mid-on. He goes reverse cup and just about holds on to it with the ball not landing sweetly in the palms

       Shapoor Zadran to Smith       339/3

Shapoor Zadran to Smith,OUT,Smith won't have a hundred. Shapoor has bowled well, has gone for a lot still, but this is good reward. Again the cross seam means it doesn't quite come on, and he is early into the drive. Straight to mid-off. Taken

       Hamid Hassan to Faulkner       382/4

Hamid Hassan to Faulkner,OUT,that's a lovely yorker. Hassan brings out the mini chainsaw. Inswinging yorker. On the middle and leg. Dips on him too. Beats the inside edge. Possibly takes the toe on the way to the stumps

       Dawlat Zadran to Maxwell       390/5

Dawlat Zadran to Maxwell,OUT,there won't be a fastest WC hundred here. Maxwell yet to score an ODI hundred. Slower ball, half-volley, draws a sort of a mis-hit, and he ends up offering a catch to extra cover. Another excellent innings by Maxwell at the WACA, but still not a hundred for him

       Nawroz Mangal to Marsh       417/6

Nawroz Mangal to Marsh,OUT,short ball, down the wicket, doesn't quite time this, and he finds deep midwicket with this hit

Fall of wickets - Afghanistan 1 INN
       Johnson to Usman Ghani       30/1

Johnson to Usman Ghani,OUT,full and straight, swinging back in a touch, Ghani gets the bat down in time, hits it well, but there is a short straight midwicket in place. Sharp catch but straight at him

       Hazlewood to Javed Ahmadi       32/2

Hazlewood to Javed Ahmadi,OUT,and this was long due. Ahmadi has not been fancying getting behind the line of the ball. Hazlewood bowls short of a length, Ahmadi is away from the line and just opens the face. Easy enough catch head high for Clarke at second slip

       Johnson to Asghar Stanikzai       46/3

Johnson to Asghar Stanikzai,OUT,lovely catch by Smith. Great hands he has. Stanikzai swings hard again, gets a thick edge that flies towards third man. M Marsh is the man running in, and this should be his catch, which is what Smith believes too, but Marsh doesn't look too keen. Smith goes back into the catch. There can be a collision. Smith catches it over his shoulder, arches back. A collision is avoided. Catch is taken

       Clarke to Samiullah Shenwari       94/4

Clarke to Samiullah Shenwari,OUT,Clarke has a wicket took. Another sweep. To a length ball. Gets a top edge for an easy catch at short fine leg. His first ODI wicket since September 2012

       Johnson to Nawroz Mangal       94/5

Johnson to Nawroz Mangal,OUT,lovely catch by Finch. Short of a length, just outside off, he has opened the face on it, everybody is looking towards third man to cut it, but Finch from first slip has gone flying to his right and pouched this. Goes two handed, but it gets stuck in one hand

       Maxwell to Mohammad Nabi       103/6

Maxwell to Mohammad Nabi,OUT,Nabi has reviewed this. Nabi looks to paddle, Clarke is running back towards short fine, then he realises Nabi has got a soft edge, and he runs back in towards the stumps to catch this. Nabi says this has come off the arm. He is right, it has come off the arm, but after hitting the top edge. And oh by the way, the snicko has not registered anything even though there is a clear edge here

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