Live Cricket Scores
Durham vs Hampshire
Finished : Hampshire won by 7 wickets
Fall of wickets - Durham 1 INN
       McLaren to Burnham       15/1

McLaren to Burnham,OUT

       Edwards to Stoneman       17/2

Edwards to Stoneman,OUT

       McLaren to Collingwood       32/3

McLaren to Collingwood,OUT

       McLaren to Richardson       59/4

McLaren to Richardson,OUT

       Berg to Borthwick       65/5

Berg to Borthwick,OUT

       Berg to Muchall       134/6

Berg to Muchall,OUT

       Berg to Weighell       134/7

Berg to Weighell,OUT

       Edwards to Hastings       168/8

Edwards to Hastings,OUT

       Edwards to Pringle       211/9

Edwards to Pringle,OUT

       McLaren to Rushworth       213/10

McLaren to Rushworth,OUT

Fall of wickets - Hampshire 1 INN
       Onions to Adams       4/1

Onions to Adams,OUT

       Onions to Vince       36/2

Onions to Vince,OUT

       Onions to Carberry       47/3

Onions to Carberry,OUT

       Hastings to Dawson       105/4

Hastings to Dawson,OUT

       Hastings to Smith       110/5

Hastings to Smith,OUT

       Onions to Wheater       158/6

Onions to Wheater,OUT

       Hastings to McLaren       205/7

Hastings to McLaren,OUT

       Hastings to Berg       207/8

Hastings to Berg,OUT

       Weighell to Ervine       219/9

Weighell to Ervine,OUT

       Rushworth to Stevenson       250/9

Rushworth to Stevenson,OUT

Fall of wickets - Durham 2 INN
       McLaren to Burnham       16/1

McLaren to Burnham,OUT

       Edwards to Stoneman       22/2

Edwards to Stoneman,OUT

       McLaren to Borthwick       34/3

McLaren to Borthwick,OUT

       Edwards to Richardson       56/4

Edwards to Richardson,OUT

       McLaren to Collingwood       98/5

McLaren to Collingwood,OUT

       Edwards to Muchall       115/6

Edwards to Muchall,OUT

       Berg to Pringle       134/7

Berg to Pringle,OUT

       Berg to Hastings       134/8

Berg to Hastings,OUT

       Edwards to Weighell       164/9

Edwards to Weighell,OUT

       Stevenson to Onions       199/9

Stevenson to Onions,OUT

Fall of wickets - Hampshire 2 INN
       Rushworth to Adams       35/1

Rushworth to Adams,OUT

       Onions to Carberry       75/2

Onions to Carberry,OUT

       Onions to Smith       84/3

Onions to Smith,OUT

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