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South Africa vs New Zealand
Finished : South Africa won by 72 runs
South Africa
( 50 overs )
New Zealand
( 46.3 overs )
Fall of wickets - South Africa 1 INN
       McClenaghan to de Kock       56/1

McClenaghan to de Kock,OUT,bowled off the inside edge! The ball was full outside off and de Kock was not forward as he played a hard swatty-slog. Not too sure where he was trying to hit the ball. It looked like a golf swing that he stopped mid-way. McClenaghan celebrates after he sees the ball ricochet on to the stumps. The umpires check the front-foot no-ball; McClenaghan was just safe

       Neesham to du Plessis       169/2

Neesham to du Plessis,OUT,caught behind! A sharp one from Neesham! It pitched on a good length just outside off and bounced more than Faf expected. He stayed in his crease and tried to run it down to third man but the bounce made the ball graze the edge for a comfortable catch to the wicketkeeper Ronchi

       Southee to de Villiers       235/3

Southee to de Villiers,OUT,he's gone this time! AB was looking to smash the ball for a six over the leg side but got a top edge that went straight up in the air and fell into Ronchi's gloves. Tremendous breakthrough for Southee and New Zealand. That skier was swirling so Ronchi did well to judge it.

       Southee to Amla       257/4

Southee to Amla,OUT,bowled him! Amla moved outside leg too early, giving Southee a full view of the stumps. Amla then tried to steer the ball to third man but Southee shortened his length to beat the bat and hit the stumps. He goes after a superb innings

       Boult to Duminy       279/5

Boult to Duminy,OUT,lbw! That looked like a slower ball out of the back of the hand and after the umpire raises his finger quickly, Duminy asks for a review. He had moved a long way across his stumps to turn the ball off his pads and was hit in front of middle. There was no bat on it and the ball hit just above the knee roll. So that looks pretty good for New Zealand. Replays indicate that it's an umpire's call on height so Duminy's on his way

       Boult to Rossouw       279/6

Boult to Rossouw,OUT,he's gone first ball! Rossouw tries to drive in sixth gear from the start, slogging across the line. He drags a good length slower ball from outside off stump and hits it straight to Guptill on the deep midwicket boundary.

       McClenaghan to Philander       282/7

McClenaghan to Philander,OUT,another wicket falls, McClenaghan gets his 50th ODI wicket. He bangs the ball in short and rushes Philander on the pull. The batsman mis-times the shot and holes out to Brownlie ho comes running in from the miwicket boundary to take the catch. McClenaghan is joint second on the list of bowlers quickest to 50 ODI wickets.

       Anderson to Steyn       282/8

Anderson to Steyn,OUT,Steyn's gone as well. What a limp finish from South Africa. He stepped out and slogged, was cramped for room and got a top edge that went straight up in the air. Ronchi ran in to take the catch near the stumps

       Anderson to Miller       282/9

Anderson to Miller,OUT,Miller's gone now. He hasn't been able to get going at all. Anderson bowls on a good length and straight, Miller clears his front foot and slogs across the line, gets an inside edge on to his stumps

Fall of wickets - New Zealand 1 INN
       Philander to Guptill       25/1

Philander to Guptill,OUT,Guptill played 11 dots in a row and has now hit a half-volley straight to cover. Such a soft dismissal. When in form he might have hammered that through the infield. The ball was there to be hit and Guptill just fluffed it, there was room too. The umpires check if Philander's front foot is okay, it is, but a small margin.

       Morkel to Neesham       29/2

Morkel to Neesham,OUT,oh Matthew, what a jinx! That ball was too full to stay back to. Neesham did not move his feet and was stuck in his crease as he tried to drive away from his body and hit the ball through cover. It ricocheted on to the stumps off the inside edge

       de Villiers to Latham       61/3

de Villiers to Latham,OUT,AB's got a wicket off a long hop! That's his maiden ODI wicket. That was so short and Latham should have smashed that for six. Instead he played a little, delicate paddle-pull and hit it straight to short fine leg. This is just weak from New Zealand. They have hardly shown any intent against a part-time part-timer.

       Steyn to Brownlie       65/4

Steyn to Brownlie,OUT,New Zealand are in tatters. Steyn pitched on a good length around middle and off and the ball went straight through to hit the top of off stump. It did not deviate or anything. Brownlie simply drove down the wrong line with no footwork at all

       Steyn to Anderson       69/5

Steyn to Anderson,OUT,Anderson takes a moment to register what has happened, and then it sinks in that he has been caught superbly at short midwicket by David Miller. Steyn banged in a short ball, it did not get that high and so Anderson pulled, and pulled hard. He made good contact and the ball flew so rapidly to Miller, who was rock steady at short midwicket

       Imran Tahir to McCullum       90/6

Imran Tahir to McCullum,OUT,another sweep from McCullum, another tremendously excitable appeal from Tahir, once again umpire Davis raises the finger, and once again McCullum reviews. He had lunged a long way forward to sweep and missed. This time he was hit in line with the stumps very low on the front pad by the googly. Was there a bottom edge? Hot Spot doesn't seem to indicate one. The angle is tight. Snicko says no edge too. So if this is going on to hit the stumps, McCullum will have to go. Replays say it's going to hit middle and leg. Gone.

       Duminy to Vettori       95/7

Duminy to Vettori,OUT,another batsman goes while trying to sweep. Bowled this time. It was a flighted delivery in line with the stumps and it dipped under Vettori's bat as he swiped across the line

       Imran Tahir to Southee       104/8

Imran Tahir to Southee,OUT,bowled by the googly! Southee did not pick it. He stayed back in his crease as the ball pitched outside off and spun back in to hit off and middle stump. Southee just played a half-cut at the delivery, but to be fair it kept a bit low

       de Villiers to Boult       134/9

de Villiers to Boult,OUT,AB has a second wicket! He followed Boult with a slower ball after the batsman made room outside leg stump to hammer the ball across the line. Boult missed and the ball hit the pads outside the line of leg stump and then ricocheted on to the stumps. That kept very low. AB is absolutely beaming

       Philander to Ronchi       210/10

Philander to Ronchi,OUT,it's all over! South Africa have been kept in the field for much longer than they would have liked, but in the end it is a thumping victory for them. Ronchi will have to wait for his maiden hundred. He falls after slicing the ball over point but Faf was quick enough to run back and take a well-judged catch

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