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Ireland Under-19s vs Scotland Under-19s
Finished : Ireland Under-19s won by 95 runs
Ireland Under-19s
( 50 overs )
Scotland Under-19s
( 44 overs )
Fall of wickets - Ireland Under-19s 1 INN
       Brown to J Tector       33/1

Brown to J Tector,OUT

       Ihtisham Malik to Gillespie       52/2

Ihtisham Malik to Gillespie,OUT

       Mohammad Ghaffar to Doheny       86/3

Mohammad Ghaffar to Doheny,OUT

       Aslam to G McClintock       118/4

Aslam to G McClintock,OUT

       Mohammad Ghaffar to W McClintock       225/5

Mohammad Ghaffar to W McClintock,OUT

       Mohammad Ghaffar to L Tucker       229/6

Mohammad Ghaffar to L Tucker,OUT

       McCreath to Little       232/7

McCreath to Little,OUT

Fall of wickets - Scotland Under-19s 1 INN
       Anders to Flack       25/1

Anders to Flack,OUT

       F Tucker to Owais Shah       53/2

F Tucker to Owais Shah,OUT

       G McClintock to Azeem Dar       54/3

G McClintock to Azeem Dar,OUT

       H Tector to Wilkinson       87/4

H Tector to Wilkinson,OUT

       H Tector to McCreath       96/5

H Tector to McCreath,OUT

       H Tector to Brown       103/6

H Tector to Brown,OUT

       H Tector to Aslam       125/7

H Tector to Aslam,OUT

       Anders to Johnston       129/8

Anders to Johnston,OUT

       F Tucker to Whait       140/9

F Tucker to Whait,OUT

       F Tucker to Ihtisham Malik       140/10

F Tucker to Ihtisham Malik,OUT

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