Live Cricket Scores
Worcestershire vs Durham
Finished : Durham won by 6 wickets
Fall of wickets - Worcestershire 1 INN
       Rushworth to Mitchell       0/1

Rushworth to Mitchell,OUT

       Onions to Oliver       64/2

Onions to Oliver,OUT

       Rushworth to Gidman       88/3

Rushworth to Gidman,OUT

       Coughlin to Kervezee       160/4

Coughlin to Kervezee,OUT

       Rushworth to Fell       160/5

Rushworth to Fell,OUT

       Coughlin to Whiteley       185/6

Coughlin to Whiteley,OUT

       Onions to Leach       224/7

Onions to Leach,OUT

       Collingwood to Senanayake       274/8

Collingwood to Senanayake,OUT

       Coughlin to Shantry       319/9

Coughlin to Shantry,OUT

       Coughlin to Cox       323/9

Coughlin to Cox,OUT

Fall of wickets - Durham 1 INN
       Leach to Jennings       24/1

Leach to Jennings,OUT

       Leach to Stoneman       37/2

Leach to Stoneman,OUT

       Leach to Collingwood       47/3

Leach to Collingwood,OUT

       Morris to Richardson       59/4

Morris to Richardson,OUT

       Shantry to Muchall       68/5

Shantry to Muchall,OUT

       Morris to MacLeod       73/6

Morris to MacLeod,OUT

       Shantry to Coughlin       86/7

Shantry to Coughlin,OUT

       Shantry to Hastings       94/8

Shantry to Hastings,OUT

       Leach to Rushworth       103/9

Leach to Rushworth,OUT

       Shantry to Borthwick       198/9

Shantry to Borthwick,OUT

Fall of wickets - Worcestershire 2 INN
       Rushworth to Oliver       29/1

Rushworth to Oliver,OUT

       Rushworth to Fell       55/2

Rushworth to Fell,OUT

       Hastings to Mitchell       60/3

Hastings to Mitchell,OUT

       Hastings to Kervezee       60/4

Hastings to Kervezee,OUT

       Coughlin to Whiteley       61/5

Coughlin to Whiteley,OUT

       Hastings to Gidman       65/6

Hastings to Gidman,OUT

       Hastings to Cox       140/7

Hastings to Cox,OUT

       Hastings to Senanayake       160/8

Hastings to Senanayake,OUT

       Hastings to Shantry       167/9

Hastings to Shantry,OUT

       Hastings to Leach       192/9

Hastings to Leach,OUT

Fall of wickets - Durham 2 INN
       Leach to Stoneman       53/1

Leach to Stoneman,OUT

       Shantry to Borthwick       66/2

Shantry to Borthwick,OUT

       Morris to Jennings       174/3

Morris to Jennings,OUT

       Morris to Collingwood       286/4

Morris to Collingwood,OUT

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