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England vs India
Finished : India won by 6 wickets (with 42 balls remaining)
( 50 overs )
( 43 overs )
Fall of wickets - England 1 INN
       Raina to Hales       82/1

Raina to Hales,OUT,well, it's Raina who's broken through! Hales falling to the sweep again. The ball loops up in the air off top edge just behind him to give Dhoni a simple catch

       Rayudu to Cook       93/2

Rayudu to Cook,OUT,got him! Things going wrong against spin, again. Cook was coming down the pitch and couldn't reach the delivery as it slid down the leg side, actually glancing the pad on the way which is why it's not called wide. He was miles down the pitch and Dhoni had all the time in the world to whip off the bails. Well, replays show there was a thin edge to Dhoni. So that was technically a catch.

       Jadeja to Root       97/3

Jadeja to Root,OUT,A beauty! Appeal for a stumping. Dhoni thinks he's got him. A lovely ball from Jadeja, gripped and spun past Root's edge as he lunged forward. Replays suggest Root's foot is only on the line, not behind it. Not looking good for him. Rob Bailey, the third umpire, having a lengthy look and he's given it.

       Ashwin to Morgan       120/4

Ashwin to Morgan,OUT,oh, what a lovely delivery! Turn and some bounce from around off stump. Takes a thin outside edge to Dhoni. Morgan was just trying to open the face to find a gap, but credit to Ashwin there for an excellent piece of bowling

       Raina to Buttler       138/5

Raina to Buttler,1 run, OUT,this is good running! No, no.. this is surprising for everyone on the field as Mohit Sharma's throw from the deep has hit the non-striker's end direct. Raina wasn't even keen on taking the throw.. He thought the fielder had been slow but Mohit, from wide long off, makes up for it with an accurate hit. Bell was well short of the crease there. No need to check with the third umpire. England slide further.

       Ashwin to Stokes       149/6

Ashwin to Stokes,OUT,whoa what a catch! Raina you beauty! They couldn't catch a thing during the Test series but Raina is showing the team how to bat.. and now how to take a sharp slip catch.. The batsman gets a faint edge as he waits on the back foot and Raina at slip dives to his right to swoop it low with one hand.. Superb catch

       Mohammed Shami to Woakes       182/7

Mohammed Shami to Woakes,OUT,picks out the fielder! Mohit having a good day in the field. A short ball from Shami, Woakes pulled it out of the middle of the bat but didn't picked the gap and couldn't keep it down so found Mohit just in front of deep square

       Ashwin to Buttler       202/8

Ashwin to Buttler,OUT,nice comeback! Ashwin adjusts his line, onto off stump, Buttler comes down the pitch aiming to heave it over the leg side but lost his shape on the shot, turned into a bit of a wild mow, the ball spun and struck off stump

       Kumar to Tredwell       226/9

Kumar to Tredwell,OUT,his fun is over with a ball remaining, a slower ball from Bhuvi which Tredwell tries to loft over the off side but he's through his shot too early and sends it straight up the air instead

       Kumar to Finn       227/10

Kumar to Finn,1 run, OUT,all out off the last ball of the innings...Finn clipped a length delivery over midwicket and the last-wicket pair gamble on the extra run. Dhoni gathers the ball then throws it onto the stumps. This is very close. When are the bails dislodged? Finn may, actually, have just made it. No, it's ruled short. So just the one run.

Fall of wickets - India 1 INN
       Woakes to Dhawan       35/1

Woakes to Dhawan,OUT,and he crashes the next ball straight into the hands of point fielder. After getting his spirits lifted by that previous shot, he gives it away yet again. No respite for Dhawan. Morgan takes a simple catch by his standards. Woakes is elated. That wasn't his greatest ball

       Finn to Rahane       85/2

Finn to Rahane,OUT,got 'im! That will give Finn a huge boost. A length delivery around off stump, Rahane trying to run the ball to third man again but only succeeds in edging low through to Buttler. Once again, Rahane fails to build on an elegant start

       Stokes to Kohli       120/3

Stokes to Kohli,OUT,goodness me! Almost out of nowhere, Kohli has picked out mid-on. A full delivery and he tries to flick it through the leg side with plenty of bottom hand and only finds Tredwell. A few words are exchanged as Kohli ends off. A little heated out there all of a sudden

       Tredwell to Raina       207/4

Tredwell to Raina,OUT,excellent catch! Raina comes down the pitch, lofts over midwicket and Woakes makes good ground from long-on to hold a tumbling catch. He was aiming squarer than it eventually went

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