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Dolphins vs Perth Scorchers
In Progress : Dolphins won the toss and elected to bat
( 19.5 overs )
Perth Scorchers
Fall of wickets - Dolphins 1 INN
       Paris to van Wyk       4/1

Paris to van Wyk,OUT,bingo! that's a good ol slog from van Wyk right across the line of a good length ball that nips back in. No bat involved, but loads of timber. Lovely bowling from Paris and he knows it

       Paris to Chetty       4/2

Paris to Chetty,OUT,two in two, before I could even mention the new batsman was Cody Chetty. Another inswinger, homing in on off stump and veering towards middle. Another batsman swings across the line and the ball sneaks through bat and pad. Terrible shot first up.

       Behrendorff to Delport       12/3

Behrendorff to Delport,OUT,and dies by his reputation. Behrendorff is assisted by some swing away, Delport flings his bat at with all his might and only ends up with an outside edge that is pouched behind the wicket. Brilliant catch from Whiteman as he leaps to his left and stretches as high as he could

       Behrendorff to Maharaj       45/4

Behrendorff to Maharaj,OUT,in the aiiiiiir, and third man takes it! Maharaj's ploy of leaping outside leg to gain leverage backfires. Behrendorff keeps it a touch short and lifts it above the chest. Taps it straight down the throat of.... Paris, heh! Should've known

       Yasir Arafat to Smit       75/5

Yasir Arafat to Smit,OUT,bang! That's how you take care of business. Jags a good length ball back into the batsman, who was busy trying to make room to dab it away. Gets struck on the pads in front of the stumps and has to go

       Behrendorff to van Jaarsveld       97/6

Behrendorff to van Jaarsveld,OUT,that's what he wants, lobs up a full toss that's kindly struck to mid-off. It had the width to be slapped squarer, or with a little more power a lot straighter. In the end he mistimes it straight to the hands of Paris, who makes up for a couple of gaffes in the field

       Yasir Arafat to Phehlukwayo       141/7

Yasir Arafat to Phehlukwayo,OUT,and that's why he's so effective. Nails the yorker on off stump and Andile, who was looking to scythe it behind point, doesn't get any bat on it

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