Live Cricket Scores
South Australia vs Tasmania
Finished : South Australia won by 302 runs
South Australia
Fall of wickets - South Australia 1 INN
       Fekete to Cooper       40/1

Fekete to Cooper,OUT

       Fekete to Cosgrove       94/2

Fekete to Cosgrove,OUT

       Bird to Head       99/3

Bird to Head,OUT

       Rainbird to Lehmann       477/4

Rainbird to Lehmann,OUT

       Fekete to Ferguson       529/5

Fekete to Ferguson,OUT

       Fekete to Ludeman       552/6

Fekete to Ludeman,OUT

       Webster to Mennie       561/7

Webster to Mennie,OUT

Fall of wickets - Tasmania 1 INN
       Worrall to Michael       36/1

Worrall to Michael,OUT

       Benton to Doolan       57/2

Benton to Doolan,OUT

       Benton to Doran       73/3

Benton to Doran,OUT

       Mennie to Dunk       240/4

Mennie to Dunk,OUT

       Benton to Webster       269/5

Benton to Webster,OUT

       Mennie to Triffitt       270/6

Mennie to Triffitt,OUT

       Worrall to Bailey       279/7

Worrall to Bailey,OUT

       Sayers to Kingston       283/8

Sayers to Kingston,OUT

       Worrall to Fekete       283/9

Worrall to Fekete,OUT

       Sayers to Bird       284/10

Sayers to Bird,OUT

Fall of wickets - South Australia 2 INN
       Bird to Cooper       16/1

Bird to Cooper,OUT

       Rainbird to Ferguson       41/2

Rainbird to Ferguson,OUT

       Bird to Head       46/3

Bird to Head,OUT

       Bird to Lehmann       52/4

Bird to Lehmann,OUT

       Rainbird to Cosgrove       54/5

Rainbird to Cosgrove,OUT

       Fekete to Ludeman       97/6

Fekete to Ludeman,OUT

       Bird to Mennie       127/7

Bird to Mennie,OUT

       Bird to Ross       152/8

Bird to Ross,OUT

       Rainbird to Worrall       177/9

Rainbird to Worrall,OUT

       Rainbird to Benton       185/10

Rainbird to Benton,OUT

Fall of wickets - Tasmania 2 INN
       Worrall to Dunk       4/1

Worrall to Dunk,OUT

       Worrall to Doolan       4/2

Worrall to Doolan,OUT

       Mennie to Michael       30/3

Mennie to Michael,OUT

       Benton to Doran       96/4

Benton to Doran,OUT

       Sayers to Bailey       110/5

Sayers to Bailey,OUT

       Sayers to Triffitt       114/6

Sayers to Triffitt,OUT

       Sayers to Webster       188/7

Sayers to Webster,OUT

       Worrall to Fekete       193/8

Worrall to Fekete,OUT

       Sayers to Kingston       193/9

Sayers to Kingston,OUT

       Worrall to Rainbird       199/10

Worrall to Rainbird,OUT

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