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Mumbai Indians vs Royal Challengers Bangalore
Finished : Mumbai Indians won by 18 runs
Mumbai Indians
( 20 overs )
Royal Challengers Bangalore
( 20 overs )
Fall of wickets - Mumbai Indians 1 INN
       Wiese to Patel       47/1

Wiese to Patel,OUT,the slower ball does it, PP is gone, Chinnaswamy erupts! Wiese bowled a slower one at 115kph, on middle and off, Parthiv defended on the off side but played the wrong line and got an inside edge onto the stumps

       Chahal to Simmons       119/2

Chahal to Simmons,OUT,the danger man is gone off the top edge, the crowd is happy. red flags are waving! He shuffled across a long way to off, swept the length delivery against the turn and got a top edge high in the air behind the keeper fine on leg. Aaron went to his right from short fine leg to take it nicely

       Chahal to Chand       182/3

Chahal to Chand,OUT,can't clear the fielder this time and finds long off! Swept the fullish ball straight down the ground, not quite from the middle, and holed out to Kohli

       Wiese to Pollard       188/4

Wiese to Pollard,OUT,Chahal has taken a very good catch at deep midwicket, Pollard is gone. He saw the short of length delivery and played a half-flick-half-pull to the leg side, and Chahal had to jump in the deep to catch it over his head

       Wiese to Rayudu       188/5

Wiese to Rayudu,OUT,slightly similar, slightly different, same result in similar fashion! Back of length ball coming in, lofted to the leg side and Chahal runs in this time to catch it easily

       Wiese to Sharma       192/6

Wiese to Sharma,OUT,the most bizarre things are happening here, Wiese gets his third wicket of the over! It was a slower bouncer outside off, Rohit got into position early to pull it to leg, but it stopped on him and he played a slow slap back to the bowler. Wiese took the catch with his right hand

       Ahmed to Harbhajan Singh       209/7

Ahmed to Harbhajan Singh,OUT,run out on the last ball as Harbhajan drives the last ball straight to cover, AB throws the ball to the bowler and there's no way Bhajji can get there

Fall of wickets - Royal Challengers Bangalore 1 INN
       Harbhajan Singh to Bisla       26/1

Harbhajan Singh to Bisla,OUT,bowled him! Bisla makes room for the shortish delivery to cut off the back foot, misses it completely and loses middle stump. Bhajji waves him goodbye mainly moving the tip of his fingers

       Harbhajan Singh to Gayle       48/2

Harbhajan Singh to Gayle,OUT,two catches dropped, he's bowled this time! Gayle charged down the track, Bhajji delivered this one in towards off and middle from outside off. Gayle missed as he slogged and the ball did the rest

       McClenaghan to Kohli       62/3

McClenaghan to Kohli,OUT,holes out straight to sweeper cover! Short and wide, there's an opportunity to swing his arms, he does, and finds Rayudu in the deep

       Malinga to Karthik       97/4

Malinga to Karthik,OUT,chipped in the air and Chand takes a very good catch running in from mid off, Malinga gets a breakthrough! It was fullish on off, DK looked to play it down the ground but played it early and the ball lobbed towards mid-off. Chand ran in and dived forward to get his fingers under it

       Harbhajan Singh to Rossouw       119/5

Harbhajan Singh to Rossouw,OUT,first-ball duck for Rilee Rossouw! Harbhajan came round the wicket and angled this one in, looked like Rossouw played for the straighter one but it came in and disturbed the stumps

       Bumrah to de Villiers       125/6

Bumrah to de Villiers,OUT,AB holes out, that's pretty much the end for RCB! full delivery on the stumps, AB put his back foot in the crease and tonked it straight down to Pollard at long-on

       Pollard to Wiese       183/7

Pollard to Wiese,1 run, OUT,dropped at long-on by Rohit! Wiese waited for the slower ball and lofted it down the ground, Rohit had enough time to take a few steps in but he spills it. At least he throws it quickly and Abdulla can't come back on time

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