Live Cricket Scores
Derbyshire vs Hampshire
Finished : Derbyshire won by 136 runs
( 50 overs )
( 34.2 overs )
Fall of wickets - Derbyshire 1 INN
       Wood to Godleman       17/1

Wood to Godleman,OUT

       Coles to Elstone       20/2

Coles to Elstone,OUT

       Smith to Durston       242/3

Smith to Durston,OUT

       Coles to Madsen       321/4

Coles to Madsen,OUT

       Coles to Cross       335/5

Coles to Cross,OUT

Fall of wickets - Hampshire 1 INN
       Taylor to Vince       52/1

Taylor to Vince,OUT

       Palladino to Maxwell       103/2

Palladino to Maxwell,OUT

       Palladino to Adams       108/3

Palladino to Adams,OUT

       Wainwright to Carberry       149/4

Wainwright to Carberry,OUT

       Wainwright to Smith       164/5

Wainwright to Smith,OUT

       Wainwright to Dawson       172/6

Wainwright to Dawson,OUT

       Wainwright to Dawson       187/7

Wainwright to Dawson,OUT

       Durston to Coles       188/8

Durston to Coles,OUT

       Durston to Wood       204/9

Durston to Wood,OUT

       Wainwright to Wheater       204/9

Wainwright to Wheater,OUT

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