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New Zealand vs Zimbabwe
Finished : Zimbabwe won by 7 wickets (with 6 balls remaining)
New Zealand
( 50 overs )
( 49 overs )
Fall of wickets - New Zealand 1 INN
       Panyangara to Guptill       20/1

Panyangara to Guptill,OUT,beauty, and that is gone. Goes wide of the crease, angles it in on a fourth-stump line, and gets it to straighten just a touch. Guptill presses forward and pokes at it, away from his body, and Masakadza accepts the simple, waist-high chance at slip gleefully

       Chibhabha to Latham       39/2

Chibhabha to Latham,OUT,Chibhabha strikes, the short ball does it. Latham went for the pull from outside off, but the lack of pace defeated him, and he ended up bottom-edging it into his stumps

       Panyangara to Williamson       176/3

Panyangara to Williamson,OUT,and he's bowled! It was a length ball, angling in from outside off. Unwisely, he tried to dab that down to third man, playing with half a bat, and ended up chopping it onto his stumps. WAIT. HANG ON. Is that a no-ball? It's very close, but there's a tiny sliver of Panyangara's heel behind the line, and Williamson has to trudge back to the dressing room

       Chibhabha to Elliott       255/4

Chibhabha to Elliott,1 run, OUT,slower ball outside off, and for the third time the ball is slapped towards sweeper cover. This time it was hit closer to the fielder, Williams, and they take his arm on again, go for a second, and that was most unwise. The diving Elliott was a fair way from the crease when Chakabva picked up the throw and disturbed the bails

Fall of wickets - Zimbabwe 1 INN
       McCullum to Chibhabha       74/1

McCullum to Chibhabha,OUT,gone this time! Huge wicket. Lots of spin from outside off, and spins back in. Chamu gets on the front foot and tries to hit it through cover, doesn't account for the volume of spin and it beats his inside edge and sneaks through to knock back the stumps. Good stand but good timely wicket for NZ too.

       McCullum to Masakadza       194/2

McCullum to Masakadza,OUT,gone this time! what an important wicket. Nathan McCullum strikes again. Tosses it up outside off and it drifts on with the arm and a thin outside edge is taken. Good catch by Ronchi too. What a massive strike just before drinks too.

       McCullum to Chigumbura       260/3

McCullum to Chigumbura,OUT,gone this time. Tries to clear long-on again but gets nowhere near the boundary. Guptill runs in and takes a good, low catch. He got too close to the ball and couldn't get enough elevation, in fact hardly any at all.

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