Live Cricket Scores
Nottinghamshire vs Worcestershire
Lunch : Worcestershire require another 207 runs with 9 wickets remaining
Fall of wickets - Nottinghamshire 1 INN
       Shantry to Lumb       74/1

Shantry to Lumb,OUT

       Leach to Hales       98/2

Leach to Hales,OUT

       Leach to JWA Taylor       108/3

Leach to JWA Taylor,OUT

       Shantry to BRM Taylor       140/4

Shantry to BRM Taylor,OUT

       Morris to Patel       159/5

Morris to Patel,OUT

       Morris to Read       169/6

Morris to Read,OUT

       Morris to Hutton       169/7

Morris to Hutton,OUT

       Barnard to Hilfenhaus       170/8

Barnard to Hilfenhaus,OUT

       Morris to Wessels       190/9

Morris to Wessels,2 runs, OUT

       Saeed Ajmal to Wessels       240/9

Saeed Ajmal to Wessels,OUT

Fall of wickets - Worcestershire 1 INN
       Hilfenhaus to Mitchell       83/1

Hilfenhaus to Mitchell,OUT

       Hilfenhaus to Morris       89/2

Hilfenhaus to Morris,OUT

       Patel to Oliver       160/3

Patel to Oliver,OUT

       Hilfenhaus to Clarke       207/4

Hilfenhaus to Clarke,OUT

       Hutton to Cox       233/5

Hutton to Cox,OUT

       Hutton to Barnard       239/6

Hutton to Barnard,OUT

       Hutton to Fell       240/7

Hutton to Fell,OUT

       Hilfenhaus to Shantry       264/8

Hilfenhaus to Shantry,OUT

       Carter to Saeed Ajmal       283/8

Carter to Saeed Ajmal,OUT

Fall of wickets - Nottinghamshire 2 INN
       Morris to Lumb       29/1

Morris to Lumb,OUT

       Barnard to BRM Taylor       44/2

Barnard to BRM Taylor,OUT

       Leach to Hales       69/3

Leach to Hales,OUT

       Shantry to Wessels       174/4

Shantry to Wessels,OUT

       Saeed Ajmal to JWA Taylor       201/5

Saeed Ajmal to JWA Taylor,2 runs, OUT

       Saeed Ajmal to Patel       234/6

Saeed Ajmal to Patel,OUT

       Shantry to Hutton       327/7

Shantry to Hutton,OUT

       Shantry to Read       332/8

Shantry to Read,OUT

       Shantry to Hilfenhaus       341/9

Shantry to Hilfenhaus,OUT

       Shantry to Fletcher       366/9

Shantry to Fletcher,OUT

Fall of wickets - Worcestershire 2 INN
       Hilfenhaus to Oliver       17/1

Hilfenhaus to Oliver,OUT

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