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Zimbabwe vs Pakistan
In Progress : Pakistan require another 206 runs with 9 wickets and 37.0 overs remaining
( 50 overs )
( 13 overs )
Fall of wickets - Zimbabwe 1 INN
       Mohammad Hafeez to Sibanda       83/1

Mohammad Hafeez to Sibanda,OUT,Sibanda has been put out of his misery.. Hafeez strikes. Nicely tossed up on off and spins in, he nips down the track and gets beaten in flight. Hafeez hits the off stump

       Yasir Shah to Masakadza       114/2

Yasir Shah to Masakadza,OUT,And he comes into business. The umpire's forefinger goes up but Masakadza shakes his head as he walks back. This was flighted on off stump, he sinks down to one knee but does not connect with the attempted reverse sweep. Not sure if the ball had popped off the forearm or the glove. Hafeez dives forward to take a low catch. Masakadza has to drag himself off the field..

       Yasir Shah to Williams       122/3

Yasir Shah to Williams,OUT,Chips a soft return catch. Tossed up invitingly on middle. Williamson strides forward, aims to drive, instead he lobs it back to the bowler, who snaps it up near chest-height

       Shoaib Malik to Chibhabha       156/4

Shoaib Malik to Chibhabha,OUT,Strangled down leg for 99. Given out.. He shakes his head before looking skywards. This was an innocuous ball drifting down leg, Chibhabha seeks to help it away with a sweep but does not get hold of it. I think he did not touch the ball even as Sarfraz hung onto a sharp catch, moving to his left. Chibhabha has to wait for his maiden century

       Anwar Ali to Mutumbami       209/5

Anwar Ali to Mutumbami,OUT,The slow, short ball does the trick... Mutumbami nips down the track, Anwar bangs it short and slows it up. Mutumbami can't force it away. He can't manufacture his own pace as he spoons a simple catch to Shafiq at cover

       Wahab Riaz to Coventry       238/6

Wahab Riaz to Coventry,OUT,Coventry nicks off now. Mighty full, near yorker outside off. Coventry makes room but can't swing it away. He only manages an outer edge that is swallowed by Sarfraz

       Wahab Riaz to Cremer       258/7

Wahab Riaz to Cremer,OUT,the sub fielder takes it. The umpires check for a possible no ball. Creamer has been asked to wait. It is a legal ball and Creamer has to depart. Change in pace. Full on off, he wants to hoist it over cover but does not connect well. Skewed off the toe end of the bat to Shehzad

Fall of wickets - Pakistan 1 INN
       Chibhabha to Sarfraz Ahmed       46/1

Chibhabha to Sarfraz Ahmed,OUT,plumb and the forefinger goes up. Chibhabha strikes in his first over after being becoming the first Zimbabwe player to be out on 99. Sarfraz, who was standing outside the crease, shuffles across and misses the sweep to a full, straight ball in front of middle. Smacked on the back pad

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