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Chennai Super Kings vs Rajasthan Royals
In Progress : Chennai Super Kings won the toss and elected to bat
Chennai Super Kings
( 6.1 overs )
Rajasthan Royals
Fall of wickets - Chennai Super Kings 1 INN
       Tambe to McCullum       15/1

Tambe to McCullum,OUT,he missed him first ball, but he has the man on the second! McCullum looks to pull this flatter delivery over midwicket but gets hurried by the ball, doesn't get it off the middle and lobs an easy chance to mid-on

       Morris to Raina       38/2

Morris to Raina,OUT,that's the end of Raina, the extra bounce does it. Morris slants it across Raina at good pace and the batsman looks to steer it to third man. But this is too close and he feathers an edge to the keeper

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