Live Cricket Scores
New Zealand vs Zimbabwe
In Progress : Zimbabwe won the toss and elected to field
New Zealand
( 17.1 overs )
Fall of wickets - New Zealand 1 INN
       Panyangara to Guptill       20/1

Panyangara to Guptill,OUT,beauty, and that is gone. Goes wide of the crease, angles it in on a fourth-stump line, and gets it to straighten just a touch. Guptill presses forward and pokes at it, away from his body, and Masakadza accepts the simple, waist-high chance at slip gleefully

       Chibhabha to Latham       39/2

Chibhabha to Latham,OUT,Chibhabha strikes, the short ball does it. Latham went for the pull from outside off, but the lack of pace defeated him, and he ended up bottom-edging it into his stumps

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