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India vs South Africa
Finished : South Africa won by 6 wickets (with 17 balls remaining)
( 17.2 overs )
South Africa
( 17.1 overs )
Fall of wickets - India 1 INN
       Morris to Dhawan       28/1

Morris to Dhawan,OUT,full and straight, and it hits Dhawan on the pad as he looks to whip it across the line. Umpire raised his finger as soon as Morris turned around to appeal. We'll have to see where that pitched and where it was headed. Looked out at first glance, looked like it straightened a touch. Pitched on leg and middle, straightened a touch. Enough to hit off stump?

       Rabada to Kohli       30/2

Rabada to Kohli,1 run, OUT,full-toss on middle and off, worked away towards deep midwicket, and he's run out first ball! He walks off cursing himself (or maybe Rohit - not sure who called for the second run). Throw came in nice and flat and AB had the bails off in a flash, with Kohli a good foot out. Yup. It was Rohit who called. Kohli didn't run the first run all that quick. Morris was the fielder. He had to run a fair distance towards his left.

       Morkel to RG Sharma       43/3

Morkel to RG Sharma,OUT,back of a length outside off, lets it come on and pushes it to the right of point. Takes off for a single, takes on David Miller's arm, and he's a goner - the direct hit at the bowler's end finds him a foot short. Brilliant fielding, capitalising on the fact that Rohit was starting from deep in the crease, having played that ball off the back foot

       Rabada to Rayudu       45/4

Rabada to Rayudu,OUT,oh my. That's a full-toss, and Rayudu swings across the line, loses his shape, and loses his leg stump. Not the greatest delivery Rabada has bowled in his life, and definitely not the greatest shot Rayudu has played in his life

       Morkel to Dhoni       67/5

Morkel to Dhoni,OUT,gone! That was wide, not too short, and he went for the big slash outside off. Thick edge, went low to AB, who took it falling forward. Dhoni started walking off immediately, but they're checking if he caught it cleanly. He has, yes.

       Imran Tahir to Raina       69/6

Imran Tahir to Raina,OUT,another googly, not quite driving length, and Raina goes for the drive, plays a little early, and pops a simple, waist-high catch to Amla at cover

       Imran Tahir to Harbhajan Singh       69/7

Imran Tahir to Harbhajan Singh,OUT,and back he goes, first ball! Another googly from Tahir, slow and enticingly loopy outside off. Harbhajan plays a drive away from his body and the ball sneaks into the gap and pegs back middle stump

       Morkel to Patel       85/8

Morkel to Patel,OUT,another! It's a length ball on middle stump, and Axar is a little too early into his flick, hits it in the air, and the man at midwicket takes a fairly simple catch, falling to his left

       Morkel to Kumar       85/9

Morkel to Kumar,OUT,gone, nine down! Full and straight, not quite full enough for the drive through extra cover, and the ball maybe came in a touch to find the gap between bat and pad and crash into the stumps

       Morris to Ashwin       92/10

Morris to Ashwin,OUT,all over. Ashwin made room to carve over the covers, and Morris bowled a straight length ball. It slipped past his angled bat and hit top of middle

Fall of wickets - South Africa 1 INN
       Ashwin to Amla       13/1

Ashwin to Amla,OUT,got him! Fired that at the pads and Amla went for the flick. Didn't middle it, and it popped up in the direction of leg slip, where Rohit grabbed it after a juggle

       Ashwin to du Plessis       38/2

Ashwin to du Plessis,OUT,gone! Comes down the track again, sees a bit of flight. Looks to hit over the bowler again but doesn't quite time it - change of angle forced him to open his bat face - and Mohit, running backwards and to his right from mid-off, takes a superbly judged catch

       Ashwin to de Villiers       49/3

Ashwin to de Villiers,OUT,bowled him! That was beautifully done by Ashwin. Once again, bowls de Villiers with a change of pace. Was much slower than his previous deliveries, and de Villiers had to reach out to drive that. Didn't turn as much as he expected, and it beat his outside edge and hit top of off

       Patel to Behardien       76/4

Patel to Behardien,OUT,length ball, slides on with the angle and utterly beats Behardien, who's stuck on the crease, expecting turn. In the end, he has no time to respond, and the ball strikes his front pad plumb in front. No hesitation from the umpire there

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