Live Cricket Scores
Pakistan A vs England XI
Stumps : England XI won the toss and elected to field
Pakistan A
( 87.5 overs )
England XI
Fall of wickets - Pakistan A 1 INN
       Finn to Khurram Manzoor       12/1

Finn to Khurram Manzoor,OUT,classic fast bowler dismissal, Khurram guiding the edge to bairstow

       Finn to Ali Asad       16/2

Finn to Ali Asad,OUT,Getting some pace on the ball and Ali edges it to Bell in the slips

       Ali to Fawad Alam       23/3

Ali to Fawad Alam,OUT,finds th outside edge

       Finn to Iftikhar Ahmed       47/4

Finn to Iftikhar Ahmed,OUT,first ball after lunch Finn bowling straight into his pads and umpire sending Iftikhar back

       Finn to Usman Salahuddin       47/5

Finn to Usman Salahuddin,OUT,late foot movement by Usman, giving away a catch

       Rashid to Sami Aslam       73/6

Rashid to Sami Aslam,OUT,Adil giving the ball some rip and getting Sami to edge it straight to Stokes

       Patel to Umar Amin       156/7

Patel to Umar Amin,OUT,the long awaited wicket finally, umar amin as others edged the to the keeper

       Patel to Khurram Manzoor       164/7

Patel to Khurram Manzoor,OUT,Khurram Manzoor coming in for second time to bat doesnt make much of a difference as he departs trying to go for glory caught at long off

       Plunkett to Ali Asad       166/7

Plunkett to Ali Asad,OUT

       Rashid to Zafar Gohar       180/8

Rashid to Zafar Gohar,OUT,zafar going for a wild slog, top edges it straight to mid on

       Rashid to Usman Salahuddin       191/8

Rashid to Usman Salahuddin,OUT

       Plunkett to Ehsan Adil       192/9

Plunkett to Ehsan Adil,OUT

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