Live Cricket Scores
Warwickshire vs Sussex
Stumps : Warwickshire lead by 169 runs with 3 wickets remaining
Fall of wickets - Warwickshire 1 INN
       Robinson to Westwood       35/1

Robinson to Westwood,OUT

       Robinson to Chopra       35/2

Robinson to Chopra,OUT

       Robinson to Javid       54/3

Robinson to Javid,OUT

       Robinson to Evans       76/4

Robinson to Evans,OUT

       Robinson to Ambrose       76/5

Robinson to Ambrose,OUT

       Robinson to Clarke       100/6

Robinson to Clarke,OUT

       Jordan to Trott       100/7

Jordan to Trott,OUT

       Magoffin to Patel       159/8

Magoffin to Patel,OUT

       Magoffin to Barker       168/9

Magoffin to Barker,OUT

       Magoffin to Rankin       180/9

Magoffin to Rankin,OUT

Fall of wickets - Sussex 1 INN
       Clarke to Nash       46/1

Clarke to Nash,OUT

       Barker to Joyce       75/2

Barker to Joyce,OUT

       Patel to Finch       115/3

Patel to Finch,OUT

       Patel to Wright       125/4

Patel to Wright,OUT

       Patel to Cachopa       129/5

Patel to Cachopa,OUT

       Clarke to Brown       156/6

Clarke to Brown,OUT

       Clarke to Jordan       160/7

Clarke to Jordan,OUT

       Barker to Robinson       161/8

Barker to Robinson,OUT

       Patel to Wells       186/9

Patel to Wells,OUT

       Wright to Hobden       191/9

Wright to Hobden,OUT

Fall of wickets - Warwickshire 2 INN
       Magoffin to Chopra       6/1

Magoffin to Chopra,OUT

       Hobden to Wright       49/2

Hobden to Wright,OUT

       Hobden to Trott       87/3

Hobden to Trott,OUT

       Robinson to Javid       91/4

Robinson to Javid,OUT

       Hobden to Ambrose       126/5

Hobden to Ambrose,OUT

       Hobden to Evans       129/6

Hobden to Evans,OUT

       Magoffin to Barker       134/7

Magoffin to Barker,OUT

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