Live Cricket Scores
Sri Lanka vs Pakistan
In Progress : Sri Lanka won the toss and elected to bat
Sri Lanka
( 4 overs )
Fall of wickets - Sri Lanka 1 INN
       Anwar Ali to Dilshan       24/1

Anwar Ali to Dilshan,OUT,another shortish slower ball, and this time Dilshan has pulled it straight to Hafeez at short midwicket. Didn't go to him as quickly as the previous chance, and he accepted it gratefully

       Shoaib Malik to MDKJ Perera       32/2

Shoaib Malik to MDKJ Perera,OUT,down the track again, this time he doesn't get to the pitch, and chooses to go across the line. Ball doesn't turn, goes with the angle, beats his inside edge, and crashes into off stump

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