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Kings XI Punjab vs Kolkata Knight Riders
In Progress : Kolkata Knight Riders require another 130 runs with 9 wickets and 16.0 overs remaining
Kings XI Punjab
( 20 overs )
Kolkata Knight Riders
( 4 overs )
Fall of wickets - Kings XI Punjab 1 INN
       UT Yadav to Vijay       0/1

UT Yadav to Vijay,OUT,Vijay perishes for a duck! Back of a length and on middle and leg, Vijay chips it feebly, Russell runs forward from midwicket and completes a good catch. The extra lift from Umesh foiled Vijay's stroke

       Morkel to Saha       23/2

Morkel to Saha,OUT,Morne strikes! On the customary back-of-a-length side is Morkel, Saha hunts for another pull. This was not all that short to warrant the stroke. He can't connect well this time, much like the first attempt. Gets a bottom-edge onto the thigh, rebounds to Yusuf at a widish slip position

       Russell to Sehwag       27/3

Russell to Sehwag,OUT,Kings XI have been reduced to 27 for 3, sharp work from Chawla. Sehwag wants to whip this length ball on middle and leg away, does so. But Chawla dives to his right at square leg and pulls off a smart, low catch

       UT Yadav to Maxwell       90/4

UT Yadav to Maxwell,OUT,Maxi has holed out, Russell pulls off a stunning catch, diving forward from sweeper. Maxi makes room and carves it in the air, Russell runs forward, takes Maxi's flat hit and tumbles onto the ground. Maxi examines the bottom of the bat as he trudges back

       Russell to Perera       107/5

Russell to Perera,OUT,Crucial strike. Thisara is a dangerous batsman at the death. Russell delivers another short bumpy ball, Thisara backs away and mishits the attempted cut, finds Manish at backward point. He hops up and takes it

       UT Yadav to Gurkeerat Singh       131/6

UT Yadav to Gurkeerat Singh,OUT,Umesh Yadav has his third wicket. His inclusion has made a difference. This was fuller and on middle, whipped away straight down the gullet of Surya at long-on. Not middled, hit high on the bat and he holes out

       Narine to Patel       146/7

Narine to Patel,OUT,Axar finds Surya, much like Gurkeerat. He bends down for a massive slog-sweep over leg, but can only skew it to long-off off the base of the bat. Narine's first wicket after remodelling his action

       Morkel to Bailey       154/8

Morkel to Bailey,1 run, OUT,They hustle for a couple, fine throw from Tendo, Robbie whips the bails off. Bailey gone for 60. This low full toss was drilled down the ground. Bailey wants a couple, Tendo collects the ball quickly from long-off and fires a throw to the keeper. Robbie moves to his left, gathers it on the second bounce and catches Bailey short

       Morkel to Johnson       155/9

Morkel to Johnson,OUT,this is an outstanding catch from Gambhir. Morne misses the yorker outside off, ends up bowling a full toss. Below the waistline, though, the TV umpire confirms it as well. Mitch backs away and slices it. Gauti leaps across to his left from backward point and completes the catch of the innings. He also intercepted a four there

Fall of wickets - Kolkata Knight Riders 1 INN
       Sandeep Sharma to Uthappa       16/1

Sandeep Sharma to Uthappa,OUT,Sandy pins Robbie lbw. This was fullish and on off, Robbie shuffles across off and does not meet with the flick, rapped on the front pad. Struck in front of off and he has to depart. Sandy exults

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