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Sri Lanka Under-19s vs Bangladesh Under-19s
Finished : Bangladesh Under-19s won by 3 wickets (with 3 balls remaining)
Sri Lanka Under-19s
( 48.5 overs )
Bangladesh Under-19s
( 49.3 overs )
Fall of wickets - Sri Lanka Under-19s 1 INN
       Mehedi Hasan Miraz to Pereira       60/1

Mehedi Hasan Miraz to Pereira,OUT,Mehedi Hasan Miraz held this back outside off and found turn to break the brisk opening partnership. Ushan perhaps showed his ace early; running down the pitch. He is beaten by turn, the keeper whips the bails off to stump Ushan for 34. His World Cup began today.... ended today, at least with the bat

       Mehedi Hasan Miraz to Mendis       63/2

Mehedi Hasan Miraz to Mendis,OUT,slides in with the arm and traps Mendis lbw. Mendis was playing for the turn. He misses the ball and is hit on the back pad. Was it heading down leg? The finger, however, goes up. The tracker shows that it would have hit the leg stump

       Mehedi Hasan Miraz to WIA Fernando       70/3

Mehedi Hasan Miraz to WIA Fernando,OUT,the keeper is excited, he bounces up and down. He is sure he has Fernando. He is celebrating as if he had won the World Cup. The finger goes up. Innocuous leg-side ball, Fernando can't glance it away. He can only deflect it behind to Jaker. What a soft dismissal

       Mehedi Hasan Rana to Ashan       109/4

Mehedi Hasan Rana to Ashan,OUT,Mehedi Rana comes back and dimisses Ashan. Back of a length and slants away with the angle outside off, Ashan attempts a loose cut. He can only nick it behind to the keeper. Subdued celebrations from Jaker

       Saleh Ahmed Shawon to PVR de Silva       131/5

Saleh Ahmed Shawon to PVR de Silva,OUT,Randika shuffles across off and does not make contact with a sweep. He is struck on the back heel. Pushed through and drifts in. Was the angle from round the stumps taking it down leg, though? Nope. The tracker shows it would hit leg

       Mohammad Saifuddin to PWH de Silva       186/6

Mohammad Saifuddin to PWH de Silva,OUT,Saifuddin hits a fuller length at usual pace, 128ks, Hasaranga goes for a big heave across the line. He can't touch the ball. The pacer nails the off stump. As simple as that

       Mohammad Saifuddin to Daniel       186/7

Mohammad Saifuddin to Daniel,OUT,and Daniel departs. Inswinging yorker, Fatullah roars. Blockhole ball, ducks back in, brushes the pad and rattles the stumps. Two in two for Saifuddin

       Mehedi Hasan Miraz to Silva       187/8

Mehedi Hasan Miraz to Silva,OUT,SL are imploding. They lose three in five balls. Looped up on middle, Silva knocks it straight to short cover and takes off for a non-existent run. The fielder throws the ball to the keeper who dislodges the bails to catch Silva miles short

       Abdul Halim to Asalanka       214/9

Abdul Halim to Asalanka,OUT,Asalanka jumps down the track for another club. He can only drag it into the hands of long-on. Halim breaks his duck, bags his first wicket in the tournament

       Abdul Halim to Kumara       214/10

Abdul Halim to Kumara,OUT,and Halim has another, SL dismissed for 214 in 48.5 overs. Back of a length and outside off, Kumara targets the leg side and topples over, popping a dolly catch to point off the leading edge

Fall of wickets - Bangladesh Under-19s 1 INN
       AM Fernando to Zakir Hasan       1/1

AM Fernando to Zakir Hasan,OUT,whoa! What a ball. The celebrations are even better. Asitha flattens the off stump and roars. Inswinging yorker, first-ball duck for Zakir. It slides under the bat as Zakir is beaten for pace

       Silva to Joyraz Sheik       59/2

Silva to Joyraz Sheik,OUT,Damitha has a sheepish smile. Bad ball. Worse shot. Low full toss on off, swiped into the lap of midwicket. Joyraz drops to his knees. After taking a long time to settle down, Joyraz has tossed it away

       Asalanka to Mehedi Hasan Miraz       147/3

Asalanka to Mehedi Hasan Miraz,OUT,slides across off from round the stumps, Mehedi pushes it down the ground, towards mid-off, and sets off. There is a big mix-up in the middle. 'Keeper, keeper' is the cry. Mehedi was halfway down the pitch, Nazmul isn't interested. Mehedi turns back and puts in a desperate full-length dive, but is miles short. Has this run-out thrown the game open?

       Ashan to Nazmul Hossain Shanto       155/4

Ashan to Nazmul Hossain Shanto,OUT,another mix-up, another run-out. Looped up on middle, the left-hander steps away and dabs it towards cover-point. Nazmul sets off, the non-striker is not keen on a single. Nazmul stops in the middle of the pitch, turns back, but is caught short. He is not even in the frame

       Ashan to Shafiul Hayet       182/5

Ashan to Shafiul Hayet,OUT,Hayet goes for another mow across the line. He holes out to deep midwicket. He jumps down again, dragged to the fielder. Pressure catch from Ushan

       Ashan to Mosabbek Hossain       200/6

Ashan to Mosabbek Hossain,OUT,tossed up, full on off, Mosabbek wants to muscle another one away. He can only slice it. Picked out mid-off. Target practice. Fatullah has been hushed to silence

       AM Fernando to Jaker Ali       211/6

AM Fernando to Jaker Ali,1 run, OUT,length and outside off, cracked to long-on. They hare across for the second. Risky.The throw to the bowler is accurate. Third run-out of the innings. Asitha collects the ball and takes the bails off. Shaifuddin is caught short by a couple of inches, despite a dive

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