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Zimbabwe vs Ireland
Finished : Ireland won by 2 wickets (with 19 balls remaining)
( 49.2 overs )
( 46.5 overs )
Fall of wickets - Zimbabwe 1 INN
       Young to Mutumbami       2/1

Young to Mutumbami,OUT,gone! This was short and wide outside off, asking to be cut, but the extra pace meant Mutumbami couldn't control the stroke, and he's cut it straight to Porterfield at point. An early strike for Ireland!

       Murtagh to Chibhabha       7/2

Murtagh to Chibhabha,OUT,canny bowling! Murtagh has done really well to set this dismissal up. The previous two deliveries came in off the seam, but this one just held its line outside off. Chamu pressed forward at it, but played the wrong line expecting seam movement. A feathered edge goes through to O'Brien, and Ireland celebrate.

       McBrine to Chari       56/3

McBrine to Chari,OUT,he's bowled him first ball! Chari went really deep in his crease and aimed to punch this down the ground, but the ball ripped in through the gap between bat and pad to hit the stumps.

       Stirling to Williams       88/4

Stirling to Williams,OUT,gone! Williams departs. Was he distracted by his sore knee? He tried to late cut this ball, but edged it straight into the keeper's gloves.

       Murtagh to Chigumbura       159/5

Murtagh to Chigumbura,OUT,now what's happened here? Chigumbura jumped down the track and slammed a drive in the air towards Balbirnie at long off. The fielder ran around, caught it just before the ropes, and then managed to maintain his balance and not fall over them. But he was so close to the boundary marker that it's touch and go, and Chigumbura waits at the wicket to receive confirmation that he''s out. There's no television replay, but the Umpires are happy with what they saw, and the fielder's word, and give him out. Shades of that catch by Mooney at the World Cup, though in far less heated circumstances ...

       Murtagh to Sikandar Raza       164/6

Murtagh to Sikandar Raza,OUT,oh dear, this is a horrid shot. Raza skipped down the track to a length delivery and then aimed a wild slog across the line at it. He was nowhere near it, and his head was high as he swung right over the ball, which clattered into the stumps directly.

       Dockrell to Jongwe       171/7

Dockrell to Jongwe,OUT,run out! This is fantastically sharp work from Dockrell. Jongwe flicked to leg, but the ball didn't get far and Dockrell himself sprinted across at it. Mutombodzi, at the non-striker's end, wanted a single and rushed out, but Jongwe sent him back. Rightly so, as he'd never have made it. Dockrell was across in a flash and shattered the stumps with a bullet throw.

       Dockrell to Masakadza       174/7

Dockrell to Masakadza,OUT,another run out! Masakadza turned the ball to leg, and called for a run that was never there. Again it was Dockrell's fielding that sealed the dismissal - he sprinted around to midwicket and aimed a perfect throw to Niall O'Brien, who whipped the bails off with the batsman well short.

       Murtagh to Masakadza       175/9

Murtagh to Masakadza,OUT,there goes another one! Wellington was trying to clear the infield, who had been brought in as Ireland attacked the tail. He got a full ball on off stump, but sliced right underneath it and Young settled easily under the chance at mid-off.

       KJ O'Brien to Muzarabani       187/10

KJ O'Brien to Muzarabani,OUT,got him! O'Brien ends the innings by pinging Muzarabani's pads with a full, straight delivery.

Fall of wickets - Ireland 1 INN
       Muzarabani to Porterfield       31/1

Muzarabani to Porterfield,OUT,that's a stunning effort! Porterfield flung himself into a full-blooded drive to a half volley, but he smeared the ball in the air towards extra cover. Raza was in the position, but he had to leap up very high and time his jump just right too. He holds a stinging chance above his head, in mid-air, and Zimbabwe converge on the bowler

       Masakadza to Joyce       46/2

Masakadza to Joyce,OUT,caught in the deep! There's only one man out on the leg side, and Joyce has picked him out with a slog sweep. His connection was good, but not nearly good enough, and Chari caught it about three metres inside the boundary. It's a short boundary too, as they're playing on the pitch on the far Western side of the square

       Nyumbu to Balbirnie       94/3

Nyumbu to Balbirnie,OUT,there's no stopping Raza in the field! Balbirnie turned the ball into the leg side, and hit it rather well, but Raza put in a dive from his position at midwicket to cut it off. The batsmen had called for the run, and as Raza stood up he was side on from the wicket, with one stump to aim it. His throw was arrowed directly onto that stump to catch the batsman short, and he breaks the partnership two short of fifty.

       Mutombodzi to NJ O'Brien       102/4

Mutombodzi to NJ O'Brien,OUT,a wicket for the part-timer! Niall O'Brien charged down the track, and with mid-off up he was aiming to go over the off side field. But he couldn't get the required height on the shot, nor the timing, and Chamu Chibhabha moved quickly to his right from cover to hold a catch at waist height.

       Jongwe to Stirling       119/5

Jongwe to Stirling,OUT,Mutumbami's caught this one! This may have been an even more difficult chance as well. Jongwe hurled down a short ball which may have caught the batsman by surprise. He was late on the pull, and the ball ballooned in the air towards a third or fourth slip position. Mutumbami sprinted to his right, then dived just in time to get a hand underneath the ball. Great effort, and Zimbabwe have removed the in-batsman!

       Mutombodzi to Wilson       140/6

Mutombodzi to Wilson,OUT,great catch! This is smart fielding from Nyumbu. Wilson telegraphed his intention to sweep, and Nyumbu immediately started to move from slip towards the leg side as the ball was bowled. The ball took the top edge, going over Mutumbami, but Nyumbu found himself in exactly the right position to pluck an unlikely catch out of the air above his head. He looks as surprised as anyone!

       Masakadza to KJ O'Brien       148/7

Masakadza to KJ O'Brien,OUT,caught by Waller in the deep! O'Brien backed himself to beat the fielder with a slog sweep, and he struck the ball really well - but he got rather too far underneath the ball, and achieved more height than distance. Waller set himself under the catch, and waited ... and waited ... and held on! Advantage Zimbabwe now?

       Muzarabani to Dockrell       160/8

Muzarabani to Dockrell,OUT,caught in the gully! Muzarabani charged in and dug the ball in outside off. He got it to leap up at the batsman, and Dockrell tried to ride the bounce, but couldn't. Nyumbu, who'd moved from slip to gully, tumbled forward to hold on to the catch, and Zimbabwe are buzzing now.

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