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Mumbai Indians vs Sunrisers Hyderabad
Finished : Mumbai Indians won by 20 runs
Mumbai Indians
( 20 overs )
Sunrisers Hyderabad
( 20 overs )
Fall of wickets - Mumbai Indians 1 INN
       Steyn to Patel       42/1

Steyn to Patel,OUT,he repeats the shot but has overcooked this shot! This came a bit quicker and that probably messed up with Parthiv's placement. Even though he made a good connection, he hit it straight to the man stationed at the boundary. A good catch there. A meter here of there and this could have been a six

       P Kumar to Chand       49/2

P Kumar to Chand,OUT,what a soft dismissal! This was a short and slow delivery on off, Unmukt had all the time to whack it anywhere he wanted to, but in his overeagerness, he smashes it straight to the man at midwicket. Excellent start by Praveen.

       Steyn to Simmons       100/3

Steyn to Simmons,OUT,the middle-stump takes a beating! Poor shot selection from Simmons as he goes for a cross-batted hoick off a length delivery and loses the stumps. A big shame as he was looking like he was ready for the final thrust. Steyn doesn't react much

       Sharma to Sharma       108/4

Sharma to Sharma,OUT,he takes the big one out! Rohit Sharma has perished in the deep. He came down the pitch and wanted to hammer it down the ground, but wasn't to the pitch of it. Once it turned a bit, Rohit was always going to struggle with his timing. It goes high, but not long and is taken easily at long-off

       B Kumar to Rayudu       126/5

B Kumar to Rayudu,OUT,a low full toss brings him a wicket! It was there in the hitting zone... and maybe Pollard would have sent it in the stands.. but all Rayudu could do is time it straight to long-on. Boult is not going to let these go.

       P Kumar to Harbhajan Singh       128/6

P Kumar to Harbhajan Singh,OUT,another wicket! Praveen bowls another fantastic slower delivery. Harbhajan was running out of options and he had to throw his bat at that. But he ends up slicing it towards wide long-on and is gobbled up by the fielder there. Mumbai Indians continue to slide

       B Kumar to Pollard       149/7

B Kumar to Pollard,OUT,superb bowling from Bhuvneshwar! Pollard ran out of options - he had to hit out, but this is a beautifully disguised slower delivery, lands on a length and keeps coming in. Pollard swings his bat at that but misses and the ball flattens the leg stump

       B Kumar to Vinay Kumar       149/8

B Kumar to Vinay Kumar,OUT,two in two! Naman Ojha has taken his second wonderful catch of the series. Vinay gets a slower delivery, he throws his hands at that, gets a thick outside edge and Naman flies to his right to pluck it inches off the ground, one-handed. Excellent stuff

Fall of wickets - Sunrisers Hyderabad 1 INN
       Malinga to Warner       45/1

Malinga to Warner,OUT,he has upper cut this into the hands of the third man! The shot was on - this was a short delivery on off stump - but the lack of pace meant Warner could not get any distance. The danger man is gone. Malinga gives him a bit of send-off as well, Warner responds with words

       McClenaghan to Dhawan       52/2

McClenaghan to Dhawan,OUT,Malinga takes a stunner! The pull shot was on, and Dhawan had timed it well too, but he couldn't keep it down. Malinga at midwicket is quick to react as he stays low and wraps his finger around the stinger. That shot flew to him in no time

       Suchith to Ojha       68/3

Suchith to Ojha,OUT,this is the repeat of Rohit Sharma dismissal! Ojha wanted to hit it out of the ground, he is not to the pitch of the delivery and so, ends up to-ending it towards long-off where Pollard takes an easy catch

       McClenaghan to Rahul       104/4

McClenaghan to Rahul,OUT,end of a cumbersome innings from Rahul! He throws his bat at this length ball without really getting into a good position. The result: no distance, only height. Rayudu takes an easy catch at long off

       McClenaghan to Bopara       126/5

McClenaghan to Bopara,OUT,length ball, Bopara made a good connection but there was absolutely no distance on that... it is swallowed up by the man at deep midwicket easily. Pandya there, who is ecstatic after competing the catch. Sunrisers continue to slide

       Malinga to Vihari       127/6

Malinga to Vihari,OUT,and another one departs! Vihari has a swing at a Malinga slower delivery and all he can do is edge it to the keeper. There was a faint edge on that one. Malinga turned back to appeal but the umpire had already raised the finger

       Malinga to P Kumar       127/7

Malinga to P Kumar,OUT,and he gets another one! Praveen charges down the pitch, gets a slower delivery that beats the bat and grazes the top of middle stump. Malinga is running through the side now

       Malinga to Steyn       127/8

Malinga to Steyn,OUT,it's the third wicket in this over! Another slower one does the job. Steyn swings too early, hits it too high but not long. Pollard runs in from long off and comfortably settles under the skier. Malinga is on a hat-trick

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