Live Cricket Scores
Indians vs Middlesex
Finished : Indians won by 95 runs
( 44.2 overs )
( 39.5 overs )
Fall of wickets - Indians 1 INN
       Sandhu to Dhawan       19/1

Sandhu to Dhawan,OUT

       Finn to RG Sharma       29/2

Finn to RG Sharma,OUT

       Harris to Rahane       52/3

Harris to Rahane,OUT

       Patel to Kohli       156/4

Patel to Kohli,OUT

       Patel to Jadeja       174/5

Patel to Jadeja,OUT

       Rayner to Ashwin       211/6

Rayner to Ashwin,OUT

       Rayner to Binny       211/7

Rayner to Binny,OUT

       Rayner to Samson       224/9

Rayner to Samson,OUT

       Rayner to Raina       230/9

Rayner to Raina,OUT

Fall of wickets - Middlesex 1 INN
       Kumar to Gubbins       7/1

Kumar to Gubbins,OUT

       Mohammed Shami to Malan       11/2

Mohammed Shami to Malan,OUT

       Yadav to Stirling       34/3

Yadav to Stirling,OUT

       MM Sharma to Morgan       64/4

MM Sharma to Morgan,OUT

       Kulkarni to Higgins       67/5

Kulkarni to Higgins,OUT

       Ashwin to Simpson       101/6

Ashwin to Simpson,OUT

       KV Sharma to Balbirnie       108/7

KV Sharma to Balbirnie,OUT

       KV Sharma to Harris       114/8

KV Sharma to Harris,OUT

       KV Sharma to Harris       135/9

KV Sharma to Harris,OUT

       KV Sharma to Sandhu       135/9

KV Sharma to Sandhu,OUT

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