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Chennai Super Kings vs Kolkata Knight Riders
Finished : Chennai Super Kings won by 2 runs
Chennai Super Kings
( 20 overs )
Kolkata Knight Riders
( 20 overs )
Fall of wickets - Chennai Super Kings 1 INN
       Chawla to McCullum       42/1

Chawla to McCullum,OUT,wrong 'un does him in! Drew him forward with the length and then the pitch offers just enough turn, at just enough pace to beat Baz. Defends down the wrong line, struck in front. Oh, but was there an inside edge? McCullum's reaction suggests as much...

       Hogg to Raina       64/2

Hogg to Raina,OUT,this has been a great little mini-battle. Raina looks to get a leg up by racing down the pitch, but Hoggy's pulled his length back and the Chennai pitch helps him out with some turn and bounce. Raina follows it with his hands and gets an outside edge. Wants a single to escape the stranglehold and that's ended up a mistake as well. Smith is well short. Yusuf with the direct throw from short third man.

       Russell to Raina       67/3

Russell to Raina,OUT,soft dismissal. Shortish and outside off, the typical ball every batsman wants to run down to third man. Only this time there seems a bit more zip on it and Raina edges it behind, Cross-seamer it would seem

       Russell to Dhoni       81/4

Russell to Dhoni,OUT,that's the bouncer and he's got him! He's not been good on the short ball. Not when they're fast and rising above his ribs. Dhoni got inside the line to hammer it away past long leg. But only ends up with a feather to the keeper. Big wicket, and Russell celebrates it as such

       Chawla to Bravo       88/5

Chawla to Bravo,OUT,too easy! Reward for baiting the batsman with flight. He threw this one up and wide. Duped the batsman into thinking it was overpitched. Bravo wanted extra cover again. But ends up giving a dolly to long-off

       Hogg to Jadeja       124/6

Hogg to Jadeja,OUT,he deserves that! Slid in the quicker, flatter delivery as he saw Jaddu running at him. No room to work the ball. All he can do is try and stop it from passing him. But since he wanted to belt the ball, he's in two minds. Uncertain prod does him in

Fall of wickets - Kolkata Knight Riders 1 INN
       Pandey to Gambhir       1/1

Pandey to Gambhir,OUT,well, well, this is quite the eventful start, Gamhir gone second ball to an age-old failing, fishes outside off to a back of a length ball, no footwork, nibbles it through to the keeper, the Chennai crowd goes wild, cries of 'CSK CSK' ring around the ground

       Ashwin to Uthappa       52/2

Ashwin to Uthappa,OUT,Baz again! Pulls off a smart catch and turns an ordinary ball into a wicket-taking one. It was short, it could have been belted through the off side, but Uthappa wants to drag it. Finds short midwicket

       Ashwin to Pandey       61/3

Ashwin to Pandey,OUT,deep midwicket, here you go, says Pandey. Tossed up outside off, lunges forward and sweeps. But it seems more of a top edge than anything. Bravo barely has anything to do

       Sharma to SA Yadav       76/4

Sharma to SA Yadav,OUT,too quick for him and Bravo has pulled off a stunner running in from long-on! Chepaulk blows its lid! Goes on the pull, but this skids off the deck and gets on him far too early. Gets it on the splice. Bravo raced in. So did the man from Faf from long-off. Both men dived, but Bravo managed not to be distracted and pulls off a brilliant, low catch. Sparks wild celebrations

       Bravo to Pathan       91/5

Bravo to Pathan,OUT,slower ball does the trick and Bravo's off on a jig. It's a bit short so Yusuf loaded up on the pull, but he is a bit overeager. Manages an inside edge that disturbs the stumps

       Nehra to ten Doeschate       100/6

Nehra to ten Doeschate,1 run, OUT,short ball on middle, Tendo pulls to deep square leg. But Russell wants two! Oh dear, this could be bad! It is! Tendo says no from the non-strikers' end rightly perhaps, by which time Russell had been halfway down. He ran the first too slow, while Tendo was motoring. Has to turn, does his best, stretches as much as he could, but Jaddu's throw has beaten him. Another big wicket comes off a run-out for CSK

       Bravo to Cummins       101/7

Bravo to Cummins,OUT,picks out deep midwicket! Seems a slower ball and he's slogged it down Jadeja's throat

       Bravo to Chawla       104/8

Bravo to Chawla,OUT,standing outside the crease, races down the pitch and miscues the ball straight up. Dhoni rushes up, calls for it and takes a skier. And is promptly bear-hugged by Bravo

       Nehra to UT Yadav       116/9

Nehra to UT Yadav,OUT,tail ender in sight, bowl full and straight, he misses, you hit. Nehra's made up for those two big hits earlier in the over

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