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England vs South Africa
In Progress : South Africa require another 234 runs with 9 wickets and 44.0 overs remaining
( 47.5 overs )
South Africa
( 5.6 overs )
Fall of wickets - England 1 INN
       Rabada to Roy       18/1

Rabada to Roy,OUT,dug in short, Roy top-edges a hook... and it flies to Abbott running in from fine leg! Neither opener looked to have got the pace of the surface and Roy is the one to go trying to force his way up through the gears. The result is an awful squeal of metal on metal and an ungainly leg-trap dismissal

       Imran Tahir to Hales       87/2

Imran Tahir to Hales,OUT,down on one knee, looking for the massive mow, he connects well enough but he's picked out the sweeper at deep midwicket!

       Imran Tahir to Morgan       95/3

Imran Tahir to Morgan,OUT,outside off, climbing off the deck, and forget my earlier sentiment, that is a very fine ball indeed! Extra bounce, Morgan can't get on top of the shot and spoons straight to point!

       Imran Tahir to Stokes       97/4

Imran Tahir to Stokes,OUT,edged, and what a catch from Amla! A firm-wristed poke outside off to the googly, and Amla, reflexively flinging himself to his right like a rampant salmon, plucks the flying edge in one hand, and England are now deep in the mire!

       Abbott to Buttler       100/5

Abbott to Buttler,OUT,shot, attacking the lid with sharp lift and aggression, Buttler pulls loosely, a flimsy top-edge, ricochets off the helmet, and that is a massive, massive punch to England's collective kidneys!

       Abbott to Ali       108/6

Abbott to Ali,OUT,edged, and Amla has another! Moeen has a mow, up on the toes, trying to force the pace through the covers, but Abbott's line and lift off the deck was too much for him to control. A much more regulation snaffle this time, and England are in utter disarray!

       Rabada to Woakes       203/7

Rabada to Woakes,OUT,banged in short, Woakes sticks up his bat like a periscope - and tickles it to the keeper! Rabada breaks the stand at 95, a bit too quick for Woakes, I think, and his lollipop across the line comes to grief. He's done a fine job of staving off a complete collapse, though

       Morris to Root       233/8

Morris to Root,OUT,full length outside off, Root goes across and tries to scoop... and sends it up and down, straight to short fine leg! Nice idea but he got more elevation than length and Tahir makes no mistake, hovering underneath it. Root was completely out of gas, no more running for him as he tried to make the ball do the work

       Rabada to Broad       258/9

Rabada to Broad,OUT,Broad lumps a leg-side shovel into the hands of long-on! Slower ball from Rabada, mistimed heave for cow corner and Duminy makes sure to cling on after settling under it. Rabada has another

       Rabada to Rashid       262/10

Rabada to Rashid,OUT,full outside off, Rashid makes room to hit over the ring... but screws his drive to the left of mid-off, where de Villiers dives to finish the innings off! A spirited knock from Rashid but England are dismissed short - in both senses, most likely

Fall of wickets - South Africa 1 INN
       Broad to Amla       2/1

Broad to Amla,OUT,outside off, Amla dangles a bat and Broad worms his way through the gate, via an inside edge and onto his off stump! The comeback king strikes in his first over!

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