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South Africa vs Sri Lanka
In Progress : Sri Lanka require another 223 runs with 6 wickets and 34.0 overs remaining
South Africa
( 50 overs )
Sri Lanka
( 16 overs )
Fall of wickets - South Africa 1 INN
       Herath to Amla       118/1

Herath to Amla,OUT,oh dear! Amla's not happy with himself here. He's out, just as he looked certain to make his third 50-plus score of the series. He was down the track, but Herath - that wily operator - beat him in the air for what seems like the 91st time today. Amla doesn't get to the pitch, and the shot that he tried to hit over the covers ends up going down long off's throat. Why do Sri Lanka refuse to play Herath regularly in ODIs? I'll never know.

       Herath to Kallis       132/2

Herath to Kallis,OUT,gone! That's out, surely. Rangana Herath slides this one with the arm, and hits Kallis low on the front pad around off stump. He did get bat on it as well, but it was after the ball hit pad. Kallis has asked for a review, but it's not looking good. It looks like the tracking software is not working, perhaps because of the wind at the venue. Anyway, despite the lack of a proper review, the umpire upholds his decision. There wasn't much doubt about that one anyway. Beautiful bowling by Herath. Kallis' woes continue.

       Senanayake to de Kock       248/3

Senanayake to de Kock,OUT,doesn't matter. He's gone anyway. QdK attempts the same shot he played earlier in the over. It's a fullish ball, but Senanayake beats him in the flight and though the batsman gets a good chunk of the ball, he's hitting against the breeze. He hits that into the arms of Mendis at long off. End of a fine innings from a very promising player.

       Mendis to de Villiers       328/4

Mendis to de Villiers,OUT,he's gone. Finally, but the damage has been done. AB gets a googly and he tries to slam that over wide long on, but ends up mishitting it towards the cover sweeper. Priyanjan has had a poor day in the field, but he does well to keep his eyes on this one, as the wind carries it. A brilliant innings comes to an end.

       Mendis to Duminy       328/5

Mendis to Duminy,OUT,erm, what was that? A friendly full toss, and JP was way too early into the shot. This is chipped back at Mendis who swallows it with ease. Maybe the wind got a hold of this one and changed the direction. Either way, it's two in two for Sri Lanka.

Fall of wickets - Sri Lanka 1 INN
       Parnell to Perera       57/1

Parnell to Perera,OUT,a slower ball does the trick for Kusal. So often Kusal gets off to a flyer and gives it away. He's done a decent job here though. This is full outside off stump, Kusal tries to bang that over mid off, but he mistimes it and offers a simple catch to the man there instead. AB, the fielder, holds up a clenched fist.

       Imran Tahir to Dilshan       107/2

Imran Tahir to Dilshan,OUT,mayhem! SA get the breakthrough via a run out where both batsmen end up at the same end. Dilshan is not happy with Sanga. He whips it straight to shortish-midwicket and takes off, Sanga moves towards him initially, but then turns back. Not sure who made which call. Sanga gets back to the non-striker's crease first and Dilshan has to walk off. QdK takes the bails off easy.

       McLaren to Sangakkara       113/3

McLaren to Sangakkara,OUT,gone! Stangled down the leg side. Sanga goes now and that's a huge blow for this chase. That was an awful ball, waist height about six inches outside leg. Sanga tries to help it on its way, but gets an under edge. Two wickets in two overs now. McLaren had a sliver of his boot behind the white line, so it's not a no-ball, thought the umpires check it.

       Imran Tahir to Jayawardene       113/4

Imran Tahir to Jayawardene,OUT,gone! Sri Lanka are falling apart here. Mahela's gone now, playing a top-edged sweep that carried all the way to the man at fine leg, thanks to some help from the wind. He didn't want to sweep it that hard, but any shot to that side of the ground is going to carry further. Huge pressure on this inexperienced middle order now. They need a big stand. Imran Tahir is ecstatic. But isn't he always?

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