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England vs South Africa
In Progress : South Africa won the toss and elected to field
( 28 overs )
South Africa
Fall of wickets - England 1 INN
       Imran Tahir to Roy       15/1

Imran Tahir to Roy,OUT,he's done it! A beauty from Tahir and he's got Roy lbw. A touch of gold from de Villiers and Tahir. This one gripped a spun. Pitched around middle and leg, spun to beat the outside edge, struck him on the back leg. Roy debated with Hales about a review - for height - but then slowly makes his way off

       Imran Tahir to Root       76/2

Imran Tahir to Root,OUT,huge appeal for lbw, and given after the review! Given not out first of all as Root misses his sweep, Tahir is desperate for the review, he was calling for it in his follow through! Tahir is convinced. Don't think there's any bat. No edge showing up. This is pretty straight by the looks of it. He's got a good stride in, but that doesn't mean much these days. Three reds! And he's gone. Tahir was right.

       Wiese to Morgan       85/3

Wiese to Morgan,OUT,Morgan skips out, Wiese spears it across... and flicks the top edge through to de Kock! England's captain goes, a disappointing series for him, he was again trying to stamp his mark on proceedings but ended up chasing a wide one

       Rabada to Stokes       155/4

Rabada to Stokes,OUT,bowled 'im, behind the legs! Rabada roars, Stokes throws back his head in disgust... He was moving across and looking to flick off his pads, maybe beaten for pace and he'd certainly lost his bearings as the ball removed the leg bail

       Rabada to Buttler       156/5

Rabada to Buttler,OUT,straight through him, stumps on the ground! What a sight that is... Buttler gets his second duck in three innings - a second first-baller, in fact, since the previous delivery was a wide - and England's position slips from promising to precarious. Wonderful delivery from Rabada, although there was a big gap for the ball to veer back through, clipped the inside edge and then uprooted leg stump. Pow!

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