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England vs Australia
Finished : England won by 5 runs
( 20 overs )
( 20 overs )
Fall of wickets - England 1 INN
       Cummins to Hales       17/1

Cummins to Hales,OUT,well, that's done it! 91mph, Hales done for pace. Another low full toss, Hales is late on the stroke, gets an inside edge onto the pads then into the stumps

       Cummins to Roy       18/2

Cummins to Roy,OUT,and another! Two in the over for Cummins. Roy tries to launch a length delivery over the off side, but gets more elevation that distance...still, took a very good catch by Coulter-Nile as he back-tracked from mid-off

       Coulter-Nile to Morgan       153/3

Coulter-Nile to Morgan,OUT,gets underneath this, goes miles into the Cardiff sky and does not quite have the distance this time as Watson settles under it just inside the rope at long on

       Starc to Buttler       168/4

Starc to Buttler,OUT,finds mid-on...clubs a length delivery and doesn't get elevation or placement. A brief, lively stay for Buttler. Next!

       Starc to Billings       180/5

Starc to Billings,OUT,a straight, low full toss is driven straight to mid-off...Smith's throw is on target, Starc takes the bails off. Billings struggled today

Fall of wickets - Australia 1 INN
       Willey to Warner       4/1

Willey to Warner,OUT,gone! Taken at third man! Curious dismissal, but not entirely dissimilar to a couple of the Test dismissals when he was out pulling. Was a shorter delivery, Warner wanted to play into the leg side and got into a bit of a tangle, the ball took the thick leading edge and carried easily to Finn as he took a few paces in

       Finn to Watson       12/2

Finn to Watson,OUT,dragged on! Oh Watto! Would you believe it. A good length ball from Finn which he defended down by his feet. It them bobbles back towards the stumps, Watson tries to kick it away but misses and can only watch as the ball dislodged a bail

       Ali to Maxwell       124/3

Ali to Maxwell,OUT,watch a catch! He's struck first ball. But it's all down to Ben Stokes. It was a short ball, Maxwell fluffed his pull but it was still travelling wide of long on before Stokes ran around, diving to his right and pulled off a blinder

       Topley to Marsh       161/4

Topley to Marsh,OUT,first wicket for Topley! A well disguised slower ball. Back of the hand, excellent control, Marsh is far too early on his stroke and bottom edges into his stumps

       Willey to Smith       165/5

Willey to Smith,OUT,he's gone! Ten short of a hundred. Smith got too far underneath this as he aimed to clear deep midwicket. The ball went high, came off the bottom of the bat and his hand came off the handle...Billings takes the vital catch

       Stokes to Wade       172/6

Stokes to Wade,1 run, OUT,mix-up! A length ball is swung to long-off, Wade turned and, head down, wanted the second for Stoinis didn't fancy it and left his team-mate stranded. The throw was decent and Stokes whipped off the bails

       Stokes to Coulter-Nile       174/7

Stokes to Coulter-Nile,OUT,falls first ball! Has a mighty swing at a length delivery, goes up the air towards short third man...Rashid calmly takes a few steps backwards and shallows the catch

       Stokes to Stoinis       175/8

Stokes to Stoinis,1 run, OUT,another run out! England brilliant in this last over. Full at leg stump, drilled down to long on. They had to gamble on the second run but the return was quick and flat, Stokes was by the stumps and completes his second run out of the over

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