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England vs India
Finished : India won by 9 wickets (with 117 balls remaining)
( 49.3 overs )
( 30.3 overs )
Fall of wickets - England 1 INN
       Kumar to Hales       15/1

Kumar to Hales,OUT,what a cracker! Excellent delivery, swinging back into Hales from outside off, he's caught in the crease, there's a sizeable gap between bat and pad because he likes to stand on leg stump...the ball cannons it off stump. It was his first real big in-ducker of the day. Clever stuff

       Kumar to Cook       16/2

Kumar to Cook,OUT,and another! Now Cook's on his way. Almost guiding the ball to the fine gully. The delivery had some width, Cook went for the cut and couldn't have picked out Raina much better. Neat, low catch.

       Mohammed Shami to Ballance       23/3

Mohammed Shami to Ballance,OUT,three down! Change of angle works. Full delivery outside off, angled into Ballance who aims to flick into the leg side and gets a leading edge which loops gently to cover

       Jadeja to Morgan       103/4

Jadeja to Morgan,OUT,oh Morgan has played this straight into the hands of the leg gully fielder! It was turning in and the batsman goes across to whip it straight to Raina, who takes a comfortable catch. That fielder has been there all summer and this is the first time I have seen him take a catch. Raina can't do anything wrong in the field, can he?

       Raina to Root       114/5

Raina to Root,OUT,another wicket to a sweep! A reverse one, this time. The ball was outside off, Root couldn't keep the ball down - although not sure if he was actually trying to - it comes off a top edge and loops to short third man. Awful timing for England. And the field was set for the reverse sweep

       Mohammed Shami to Buttler       164/6

Mohammed Shami to Buttler,OUT,he's done it! Shami does the trick. Massive blow. It was a length delivery, just nips back off the seam, takes Buttler above the knee roll. Paul Reiffel gives the decision. Hawk Eye says it was going over, by a fair distance

       Ashwin to Ali       194/7

Ashwin to Ali,OUT,Woakes can keep running away to the pavilion! It is Raina again! Moeen cuts it fine to short third man and Raina charges in to hit the stumps direct. How can one man be everywhere?

       Ashwin to Ali       201/8

Ashwin to Ali,OUT,he makes room and too much room! Misses this quicker one and loses his middle stump. He was trying to go inside out

       Jadeja to Finn       202/9

Jadeja to Finn,OUT,slower this time, and it takes down the off stump! Finn was aiming for the Birmingham University with a slog sweep, can't say he succeeded.

       Mohammed Shami to Gurney       206/10

Mohammed Shami to Gurney,OUT,full and that hits the middle! The batsman was making room and was swinging across the line.. Third wicket for Shami

Fall of wickets - India 1 INN
       Gurney to Rahane       183/1

Gurney to Rahane,OUT,oh no, he smokes the difficult ones all over the ground and when he gets an easy one, hits it straight to the fielder at cover point. It was a low full toss outside off and the batsman slices it to the fielder.. A soft end to an exciting innings

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