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New Zealand vs Pakistan
Innings break : New Zealand won the toss and elected to bat
New Zealand
( 50 overs )

  , Anwar Ali to Latham, 2 runs, finds a yorker just outside off, Latham inside edges it to deep midwicket and New Zealand have 275
  , Anwar Ali to Latham, FOUR, another offcutter, on a length which helps Latham out as he swings his arms across the line and connects strongly. That's the sort of shots you play in this situation
  , Anwar Ali to Latham, 2 runs, picks the offcutter on leg stump and heaves it away to long leg
  , Anwar Ali to Taylor, 1 run, slower short ball, Taylor pulls to deep midwicket and he has to relinquish strike. That hundred looks a lot further away now
  , Anwar Ali to Taylor, 2 runs, full on middle, Taylor swipes it behind square leg but can't beat the fielder on the boundary. Gee, those wrists of his are powerful
  , Anwar Ali to Taylor, 2 runs, targets the base of middle stump, but Taylor has managed to whip it past short fine leg to collect a couple of runs
  , Mohammad Irfan to Latham, FOUR, poor ball and Latham has walloped a full toss to the midwicket boundary. Mixed over that, and it's cost eight
  , Mohammad Irfan to Latham, no run, offers a clean view of his stumps as he looks for a lap sweep with fine leg up in the ring, but the fuller ball is too quick for him. Beaten outside off
  , Mohammad Irfan to Latham, FOUR, short and wide, Latham has slugged it to the wide long-on boundary. Stepped forward and unleashed a full swing of his arms
  , Mohammad Irfan to Latham, no run, banged in short in reply to the batsman stepping down at him. Latham instinctively sways away
  , Mohammad Irfan to Latham, no run, right up there on off stump, Latham can only dig it out
  , Mohammad Irfan to Latham, no run, gets down the track and ends up turning a fuller ball into a yorker wide outside off, sliced to point
  , Zulfiqar Babar to Taylor, 2 runs, walks at the bowler, but Zulfiqar shortens his length and reduces his pace. Nudged to deep square leg and Taylor captures two runs. Beautiful cricket. Batsman tried to outwit the bowler, but the bowler was wise to it, and the batsman said he was good enough to profit despite it all.
  , Zulfiqar Babar to Taylor, 2 runs, gets beside the almost yorker length delivery and slices it through point
  , Zulfiqar Babar to Latham, 1 run, comes down the track and chips a flat and fast delivery to long-on
  , Zulfiqar Babar to Latham, no run, goes for a sweep to a good length ball, misses it. Keeper asks for a stumping, not given
  , Zulfiqar Babar to Latham, FOUR, how's that for a reply! Gets down the track, made some room and emulated his captain's lift over extra cover. Magnificent strike
  , Zulfiqar Babar to Taylor, 1 run, backs away against a slider and has to hurry into tapping the ball towards point
  , Mohammad Irfan to Taylor, 1 run, shortish on off stump, dabbed in front of point for a single
  , Mohammad Irfan to Latham, 1 run, full and tailing in at Latham, who musters an inside edge to long leg
  , Mohammad Irfan to Latham, no run, short and wide outside off, Latham caresses it to point
  , Mohammad Irfan to Taylor, 1 run, fuller ball outside off, pushed through the covers
  , Mohammad Irfan to Ronchi, OUT, runs down the track and he's toe-ended it! Afridi lines it up, but it pops out! Juggles it once, then again, and finally pouches it with his left hand behind him. Good composure from the Pakistan captain and Ronchi's breezy little knock ends
  , Mohammad Irfan to Ronchi, SIX, back of a length on leg stump, Ronchi has launched it over the long-on boundary! How did he play that off the front foot, and how did he time it so well? Extra bounce from Irfan, Ronchi says thank you very much
  , Zulfiqar Babar to Taylor, FOUR, full and on leg stump, Taylor moved outside off and slogs the ball behind square leg. He is extremely proficient with that mow
  , Zulfiqar Babar to Taylor, no run, pushed through on middle, Taylor jumped across to try and sweep the ball to long leg but is struck on the pads
  , Zulfiqar Babar to Taylor, 2 runs, this is a top edge, but falls safe from the man at deep square leg. Got under the ball a bit too much, but those shots need to be played now
  , Zulfiqar Babar to Taylor, no run, a touch slower outside off and Taylor misses with his slog catch
  , Zulfiqar Babar to Taylor, FOUR, the need to bowl flat and fast is hurting his ability to land the ball. This is a full toss Taylor leans forward and swipes it away to the square leg boundary
  , Zulfiqar Babar to Ronchi, 1 run, flat and a shade outside off, Ronchi slices it to point
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