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Lancashire vs Hampshire
Finished : Lancashire won by 41 runs (D/L method)
( 19 overs )
( 14.1 overs )

  , Clark to Wood, OUT, full just outside off, Wood slaps hard and finds mid-off!. That will do for Lancashire, another catch in the ring, a mistimed drive, chipped straight to the fielder and the Red Rose captain has taken the winnings catch
  , Anderson to Wood, 1 run, short ball, Wood stepped to leg and awkwardly pulled out to deep square
  , Anderson to Adams, OUT, slower, 75mph, on the stumps, Adams aiming leg side swings into the long boundary but doesn't get enough of it and picks out deep midwicket. Adams has played nicely but it's been only him contributing, he eventually holes out, easy catch in the deep
  , Anderson to Wood, 1 run, short and pulled off a bottom edge to the left of the keeper for a run
  , Anderson to Wood, 2 runs, full on the stumps, an attractive straight drive for two inside long-off
  , Anderson to Adams, 1 run, full on leg stump, Adams stepped across his stumps and nearly flicked it past short long leg, Kabir saved it well going to his left
  , Anderson to Wood, 1 bye, short ball, Wood goes to pull and misses, it bounces twice before Buttler and bobbles away for a bye
  , Smith to Adams, FOUR, lovely touch, a full ball a foot wide of off stump, Adams opens the face and steers this fine of third man, lovely touch, fifty for Adams, it's been a lone hand, you have to feel sorry for him really
  , Smith to Wood, 1 run, another wide full ball, Wood nudges this towards cover and they take a quick single
  , Smith to Wood, no run, full and wide again, this is driven to point, no run available there
  , Smith to Dawson, OUT, full and wide of off stump, Dawson reaches way out for it and nicks to Buttler. Thin edge, a simple catch for Buttler and Lancashire move a step closer to the final
  , Smith to Adams, 1 run, nails another drive but this time straight to the cover sweeper for just a single
  , Smith to Adams, FOUR, full and wide of off stump, Adams reaches for it and squirts it wide of third man, good start to the over
  , Ali to Dawson, FOUR, steps across the stumps and paddles leg side, gets it just past short long leg's dive
  , Ali to Dawson, 2 runs, clears the front leg and swings leg side, gets it between the two deep fielders, the ball plugs and they get back for a second
  , Ali to Adams, 1 run, middle and off line, Adams stays leg side of it and chops down to third man
  , Ali to Dawson, 1 run, off stump line, slapped to mid-off, they take on the fielder
  , Ali to Wheater, OUT, length ball on off stump, Wheater is sort of aiming leg side but just chips a catch to midwicket. Another very soft dismissal and Hampshire are sinking fast. No kind of desirable connection and it floated straight to the Lancs skipper
  , Ali to Adams, 1 run, full on off stump firmly driven...not past mid-off who slides and saves
  , Smith to Adams, 1 run, driveable length, only a single again, to long-off this time
  , Smith to Adams, no run, very wide of off stump again, yorker length, Adams misses with a drive
  , Smith to Adams, FOUR, just a touch wide and Adams leathers a cover drive past deep cover
  , Smith to Wheater, 1 run, full and wide of off stump, Wheater reaches for this and plays it out through cover for just a single
  , Smith to Adams, 1 run, nice full delivery on off stump, dug out into the covers
  , Smith to Wheater, 1 run, full two feet outside off, driven to backward point
  , Smith to Wheater, 1 wide, full and wide of off stump, too wide, just outside the guideline
  , Parry to Wheater, 1 run, full on the stumps, flicked out to long-on, it's just singles, this is no good for Hampshire
  , Parry to Adams, 1 run, back and pulling out to deep square
  , Parry to Adams, 1 wide, full, this slips down the leg side, Buttler takes it well and whips off the bails, batsman was safely in his ground
  , Parry to Wheater, 1 run, length just outside off, clipped out to long-on
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