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India vs Sri Lanka
Finished : India won by 69 runs
( 20 overs )
Sri Lanka
( 20 overs )

  , Bumrah to Rajitha, no run, full delivery on off, nips back in, he watches it through to the keeper
  , Bumrah to Rajitha, no run, bunts the low full toss to Jadeja at cover
  , Bumrah to Rajitha, no run, how did that miss the off stump, I don't know. Another full length delivery that keeps coming back in, pushes outside the line, beaten
  , Bumrah to Siriwardana, 1 run, full toss on the pads, hit to deep midwicket
  , Bumrah to Rajitha, 1 run, gets a thin edge that scoots along the ground, Dhoni fumbles and they squeeze a run
  , Bumrah to Siriwardana, 1 run, off cutter, lands it on middle, bunted to the off side
  , Pandya to Siriwardana, 1 run, slower one on middle and off, angled wide of point
  , Pandya to Rajitha, 1 run, low full toss on middle, driven to long-on
  , Pandya to Rajitha, no run, full ball on off, jabs his bat down to get a thin bottom edge, bounces through to Dhoni
  , Pandya to Siriwardana, 1 run, squeezed to the cover fielder
  , Pandya to Rajitha, 1 run, floats it full on middle, bunted to long on
  , Pandya to Siriwardana, 1 run, gets a thick inside edge to Nehra at short fine leg
  , Bumrah to Chameera, OUT, doesn't get better than this. Can't remember the last time an Indian bowler bowled yorkers on demand like this. This one was full and straight, not quite the yorker though, nicely angled in from wide of the crease, Chameera was through with the stroke, big gap between bat and pad as the ball sneaks through to hit the furniture
  , Bumrah to Chameera, no run, rip roaring bouncer, he was almost expecting a yorker but suddenly saw the ball arriving at a furious pace towards the helmet, somehow avoids it
  , Bumrah to Chameera, no run, ball has smashed into Chameera's toe. This is outstanding stuff. Excellent pace as well, he fails to get his bat down to the ball, hit on the back foot. Stinging blow
  , Bumrah to Senanayake, OUT, too late to get down to the ball. It was full and straight delivery angling into middle from wide of the crease, missed it altogether as he looked to whip that over midwicket, and an easy decision for umpire Anil Chaudhary
  , Bumrah to Senanayake, no run, excellent yorker there, no room for the batsman to work with, squeezes it back to the bowler
  , Bumrah to Siriwardana, 1 run, slower one that grips the surface, he was through with the stroke, lands in no-man's land, covered up by the man running in from long-on
  , Ashwin to Siriwardana, 1 run, backs away and hits it towards sweeper cover
  , Ashwin to Siriwardana, no run, slower through the air, lands it on middle and leg, he's through with the slog even before the ball gets to him, hit high on the body
  , Ashwin to Perera, OUT, as easy as they come for Ashwin. Beautifully tossed up, gets the batsman to step out, Thisara didn't get to the pitch and ended up slicing it to Rahane at short third man. Third for Ashwin, the hat-trick man is out for a duck
  , Ashwin to Siriwardana, 1 run, gets a thick inside edge onto the pad as he looks to hit it across the line over deep midwicket
  , Ashwin to Shanaka, OUT, tries to bowl a leg break but it ends up being a long hop, it's a different matter altogether that he still gets a wicket. Shanaka could have hit this wherever he pleased; looked to swing it across the line over midwicket, but face turned in his hand and lobbed straight towards Raina, who takes a well-judged catch at long-off
  , Ashwin to Siriwardana, 1 run, slogged across the line to Dhawan at deep midwicket
  , Bumrah to Shanaka, SIX, slogged across the line, for a moment it looked like Pandya at long-on was in business, but it just sailed over his head. A mishit gone for a six. All Bumrah can do is have a laugh about it and walk back to his fielding position
  , Bumrah to Shanaka, no run, looks to back away and scoop it over Dhoni's head, misses
  , Bumrah to Siriwardana, 1 run, full and straight on off, he gets a tick outside edge to third man
  , Bumrah to Siriwardana, 1 wide, floats it well down leg, easy call for the umpire
  , Bumrah to Siriwardana, FOUR, excellent change of pace, this one was a slower delivery, but he picked the length nice and early before unfurling his wrists to ease it behind point. Opened the bat face slightly, neat execution
  , Bumrah to Shanaka, 1 run, another excellent yorker, angled towards his left toe again, squeezed down to long on
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