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New Zealand vs Pakistan
Finished : New Zealand won by 68 runs
New Zealand
( 50 overs )
( 43.3 overs )

  , Milne to Zulfiqar Babar, OUT, timber! New Zealand take the series in emphatic fasion! It was full, it was straight, it had Zulfiqar jumping outside the line and swinging from the hips. He misses, Milne hits and smiles all-round in the New Zealand dressing room
  , Milne to Zulfiqar Babar, 2 runs, full on middle and off, Zulfiqar slashes it through the covers
  , Milne to Zulfiqar Babar, no run, full and a shade outside off, the batsman backs away to slide the ball and misses
  , Henry to Mohammad Irfan, no run, back of a length and outside off, Irfan offers a nothing poke and is beaten
  , Henry to Shahid Afridi, OUT, good length, back of the hand slower ball has been carted to deep midwicket and Henry has a maiden five-wicket haul in ODIs, and he's only played six matches. The crowd has begun departing, almost the second the catch was taken.
  , Henry to Shahid Afridi, FOUR, outside edge flies away to deep third man. It was full on the base of off stump, Afridi unveils a slog and gets lucky
  , Henry to Shahid Afridi, 1 wide, banged in way too short at 140 kph, Afridi knows that's a wide.
  , Henry to Shahid Afridi, 2 runs, this is off the splice as he tries to pull a short ball on middle and leg. N Mac was hunting it down over his shoulder, threw himself at the ball, but it beats his outstretched hands. Landed on his right knee quite hard
  , Henry to Shahid Afridi, no run, another slower bouncer, which Afridi allows to pass past his chest to the keeper
  , Henry to Shahid Afridi, FOUR, 124kph, bludgeons a slower short ball to the wide long-on boundary
  , McCullum to Anwar Ali, OUT, oh, N Mac enjoyed that! The batsman was charging down the pitch again, but this time the fuller delivery was slid through quicker and wider outside off. Anwar cannot reach, and he can't get back to safety either. Top work from Ronchi
  , McCullum to Anwar Ali, FOUR, what power from Anwar! Great footwork to get himself beside the ball, which was way down leg in the first place, and then lets his wrists go mad
  , McCullum to Anwar Ali, 2 runs, tucked away through square leg and they've raced across for a couple. The throw comes at Afridi's end and he makes it easily
  , McCullum to Anwar Ali, FOUR, fuller delivery outside leg, but Anwar leaped down the track and made room for himself to carve the ball over point. Phew, brilliant stroke
  , McCullum to Shahid Afridi, 1 run, catch, they yell. But it falls short of Guptill at long-on. Tries to stymie Afridi for room, but he still goes for the boom down the ground
  , McCullum to Anwar Ali, 1 run, keeps to his crease against a fuller ball and turns it through square leg
  , McClenaghan to Anwar Ali, 1 run, good length ball on middle and leg, turned away through midwicket
  , McClenaghan to Shahid Afridi, 1 run, goes around the wicket and delivers a slower ball on middle and leg, Afridi moves outside leg and steers the ball to deep third man, who had been moved finer before that ball
  , McClenaghan to Anwar Ali, 1 run, full on leg stump, clipped into the midwicket region for a quick single
  , McClenaghan to Anwar Ali, FOUR, slams an overpitched slower delivery to the long-off boundary. Pakistan are certainly not giving up. Target under 100 now
  , McClenaghan to Anwar Ali, no run, goes short on middle, brilliant accuracy, and forces Anwar to use soft hands to block it down the pitch
  , McClenaghan to Anwar Ali, no run, short of a length on off stump, defended
  , Henry to Shahid Afridi, no run, slower bouncer from Henry, beats Afridi who was on the pull too soon
  , Henry to Anwar Ali, 1 run, shortish on middle and leg, clipped to deep midwicket
  , Henry to Anwar Ali, no run, good length ball on off stump, defended
  , Henry to Anwar Ali, no run, full on off stump, pushed back at the bowler and Henry sees the batsman out of his crease and looks for an incredible run-out. Hits the batsman instead. Apologies straight away
  , Henry to Anwar Ali, no run, full on off stump, Anwar protects it
  , Henry to Sarfraz Ahmed, OUT, strikes first ball back in does Henry! He preempted Sarfraz making room for himself and bowled a good length delivery a little further outside off. The batsman has to play at it, there's too many runs left to get, and nicks off. Lovely, low catch from Ronchi as well
  , McClenaghan to Sarfraz Ahmed, 1 run, slower and shortish on leg stump, nudged to long leg.
  , McClenaghan to Shahid Afridi, 1 run, full toss on leg stump has been clipped to long leg
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