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South Africa vs West Indies
In Progress : West Indies won the toss and elected to field
South Africa
( 116.1 overs )
West Indies

  , Gabriel to Steyn, no run, there's the short ball, well directed, over middle and off, Steyn sways out of the line
  , Peters to Philander, FOUR, short, angled down the leg side, freebie at Peters' pace, Philander swivels on a pull and gets it fine of long leg
  , Peters to Philander, no run, full at off stump, pushed to mid-on
  , Peters to Steyn, 1 run, good length outside off, takes his bottom hand off the bat as he comes forward
  , Peters to Steyn, no run, very full from round the wicket, punched to the on side and Peters skips across to field
  , Peters to Steyn, FOUR, well, that didn't take long, he likes Peters' pace. Comes down the pitch and thumps a lofted drive straight down the ground, a couple of bounces for four
  , Peters to Steyn, no run, props forward on off stump, defends square into the off side
  , Gabriel to Philander, no run, very full, drives it off the toe end of the bat to mid-off
  , Gabriel to Philander, no run, back of a length, pushed into the off side
  , Gabriel to Philander, no run, gets a thick outside edge, but the ball doesn't bounce and therefore dies off the bat and barely carries half way towards first slip
  , Gabriel to Philander, no run, comes forward and drives to mid-off
  , Gabriel to Philander, FOUR, offered some width, it was full, Philander plays a stand-and-deliver drive which goes underneath cover - not a great piece of fielding - and has the legs to overcome a sluggish outfield. Benn the fielder who dived over it
  , Gabriel to Philander, no run, full on off stump, nicely driven to the left of Peters at mid-off but he gets across to cut it off
  , Peters to van Zyl, OUT, and the aggression proves his downfall. Sees another full ball outside off, goes after it with another drive, not much footwork, reaching for the ball and gets an edge to the keeper. Falling in the cause, van Zyl, but that may adjust South Africa's plans again
  , Peters to van Zyl, no run, chases another full, wide delivery and gets a bottom edge into the ground which bounces back to Ramdin...certainly some shots now
  , Peters to van Zyl, FOUR, throws his hands through a lovely drive, it was juicy wide delivery and van Zyl cashed in with a flowing square drive...hints of accreditation from South Africa
  , Peters to van Zyl, 2 runs, starts to walk at the bowler, Peters drops it short and van Zyl pulls backward of square leg
  , Peters to van Zyl, FOUR, back of a length outside off, van Zyl plays away from his body but is in control as he opens the face and steers it wide of gully towards a wide third man
  , Peters to van Zyl, no run, short of a length, pulled off the front foot to square leg
  , Gabriel to Philander, no run, goes for the yorker, it's a low full toss, driven to mid-on
  , Gabriel to van Zyl, 1 run, gets a drive away this time, square through the off side, but there's a sweeper at deep point
  , Gabriel to van Zyl, 2 runs, comes round the wicket, very full, squeezed into midwicket with a closed face and Peters misfields at midwicket to allow a second
  , Gabriel to van Zyl, FOUR, short, down the leg side, and van Zyl helps it on the way to fine leg with a pull-paddle type shot which wasn't entirely convincing but safe enough
  , Gabriel to van Zyl, no run, fuller on off stump, dug out back to the bowler
  , Gabriel to van Zyl, no run, full on middle and off, walks into a push-drive which goes to mid-off
  , Peters to Philander, no run, short of a length outside off, pushed out to cover
  , Peters to Philander, no run, shuffles across and defends square into the off side
  , Peters to Philander, no run, angled across outside off, left alone
  , Peters to van Zyl, 1 run, full outside off, he comes forward and the ball slides off a thick outside edge into backward point
  , Peters to van Zyl, no run, full outside off, 131kph, left alone
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