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Melbourne Stars vs Adelaide Strikers
Finished : Adelaide Strikers won by 8 wickets (with 45 balls remaining)
Melbourne Stars
( 20 overs )
Adelaide Strikers
( 12.3 overs )

  , Hastings to Hodge, 1 run, and Hodge finishes it as he pushes through the off side.
  , Hastings to Head, OUT, short delivery and this time Head gets a bat and hit straight to KP at backward point.
  , Hastings to Head, no run, short delivery outside the off stump, Head cuts and misses.
  , Faulkner to Ludeman, 2 runs, driven down the ground to wide long off.
  , Faulkner to Ludeman, no run, misses the lap shot over the keeper.
  , Faulkner to Ludeman, no run, defends to the off side.
  , Faulkner to Head, 1 bye, plays and misses outside the off stump.
  , Faulkner to Ludeman, 1 run, clips it through square leg to the deep.
  , Faulkner to Ludeman, 2 runs, works it through the vacant midwicket.
  , Rose to Ludeman, 1 run, mistimes the drive down the ground to long on.
  , Rose to Ludeman, FOUR, poor fielding in the deep, swings it in the air to deep midwicket.
  , Rose to Head, 1 run, slog sweeps in the air to deep square leg.
  , Rose to Head, no run, down the track and mistimes to the onside.
  , Rose to Ludeman, 1 run, gentle push to the off side.
  , Rose to Ludeman, SIX, another six, swings it high over the backward square leg fence.
  , Hastings to Head, no run, cuts it behind point.
  , Hastings to Head, SIX, this is wonderful hitting, clears the ropes at deep midwicket.
  , Hastings to Head, FOUR, gets it in the gap once again, this is over in quick time.
  , Hastings to Ludeman, 1 run, moves back and plays to point.
  , Hastings to Ludeman, FOUR, swings it high in the air to the midwicket fence.
  , Hastings to Ludeman, 2 runs, cut in the air to deep backward point.
  , Beer to Ludeman, 1 run, looking to dab it through past the keeper.
  , Beer to Head, 1 run, works it through midwicket for a single.
  , Beer to Head, FOUR, down the track and hits well wide of mid-off to the fence.
  , Beer to Ludeman, 1 run, dabs it to short third man.
  , Beer to Ludeman, FOUR, down the track and hits well high in the air to wide long off fence.
  , Beer to Ludeman, no run, goes the for slog and inside edges onto the pads.
  , Maxwell to Ludeman, 1 run, sweeps to deep square leg.
  , Maxwell to Head, 1 run, pushes through mid-off, brings up the 100 for Strikers in the 8th over.
  , Maxwell to Ludeman, 1 run, plays softly to the off side and picks up a single.
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