Live Cricket Scores
Kent vs Hampshire
In Progress : Hampshire trail by 46 runs with 9 wickets remaining
Fall of wickets - Kent 1 INN
       Coles to Key       4/1

Coles to Key,OUT

       Coles to Harmison       26/2

Coles to Harmison,OUT

       Imran Tahir to Nash       86/3

Imran Tahir to Nash,OUT

       Coles to Northeast       330/4

Coles to Northeast,OUT

       Coles to Stevens       341/5

Coles to Stevens,OUT

       Imran Tahir to Bell-Drummond       371/6

Imran Tahir to Bell-Drummond,OUT

       Dawson to Billings       452/7

Dawson to Billings,OUT

       Smith to Tredwell       500/8

Smith to Tredwell,OUT

       Imran Tahir to Claydon       503/9

Imran Tahir to Claydon,OUT

       Smith to Billings       507/9

Smith to Billings,OUT

Fall of wickets - Hampshire 1 INN
       Stevens to Smith       30/1

Stevens to Smith,OUT

       Riley to Dawson       53/2

Riley to Dawson,OUT

       Riley to Dawson       98/3

Riley to Dawson,OUT

       Tredwell to Vince       139/4

Tredwell to Vince,OUT

       Tredwell to Wheater       179/5

Tredwell to Wheater,OUT

       Riley to Alsop       205/6

Riley to Alsop,OUT

       Tredwell to Wood       212/7

Tredwell to Wood,OUT

       Claydon to Coles       225/8

Claydon to Coles,OUT

       Riley to Imran Tahir       253/9

Riley to Imran Tahir,OUT

       Tredwell to Ervine       351/9

Tredwell to Ervine,OUT

Fall of wickets - Hampshire 2 INN
       Tredwell to Adams       20/1

Tredwell to Adams,OUT

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