Live Cricket Scores
Perth Scorchers vs Melbourne Stars
Finished : Perth Scorchers won by 18 runs
Perth Scorchers
( 20 overs )
Melbourne Stars
( 19.5 overs )
Fall of wickets - Perth Scorchers 1 INN
       Hastings to Klinger       8/1

Hastings to Klinger,OUT,goes for the big hit and it goes off the edge high in the air down to third man and McKay runs around to take it.

       Hastings to Voges       19/2

Hastings to Voges,OUT,full and bit wide, driven low to White at short extra cover.

       Beer to Marsh       87/3

Beer to Marsh,OUT,down the track and hits in the air straight down the throat of Bird at long off.

       Boland to Turner       90/4

Boland to Turner,OUT,edged and taken by Triffitt to his right.

       Beer to Carberry       99/5

Beer to Carberry,OUT,hit in the air straight down the throat of Hastings at long off.

       McKay to Whiteman       131/6

McKay to Whiteman,OUT,sweeps in the air behind square leg and Handscomb takes it.

       Hastings to Coulter-Nile       141/7

Hastings to Coulter-Nile,OUT,full and wide and edges to Triffitt.

Fall of wickets - Melbourne Stars 1 INN
       Yasir Arafat to White       39/1

Yasir Arafat to White,OUT,full delivery outside the off stump and inside edges to the keeper.

       Tye to Wright       67/2

Tye to Wright,OUT,short delivery and Wright goes for the pull and miscues it in the air to extra cover and Voges takes it.

       Tye to Handscomb       70/3

Tye to Handscomb,OUT,edged and taken at slip by Voges.

       Coulter-Nile to Quiney       86/4

Coulter-Nile to Quiney,OUT,goes for the pull shot and gets a top-edge down to fine leg and Hogg settles under it and takes it.

       Coulter-Nile to Pietersen       88/5

Coulter-Nile to Pietersen,OUT,down the wicket and KP edges it to the keeper as he looks to pull.

       Behrendorff to Triffitt       95/6

Behrendorff to Triffitt,OUT,hits in the air straight to Coulter-Nile at mid-off.

       Tye to McKay       113/7

Tye to McKay,OUT,full and on the leg stump, walks across and misses it, the leg stump is pegged back.

       Tye to Hastings       118/8

Tye to Hastings,OUT,full and straight and Hasting misses it.

       Yasir Arafat to Bird       123/9

Yasir Arafat to Bird,OUT,hit in the air down the ground and Tye takes it.

       Yasir Arafat to Boland       126/10

Yasir Arafat to Boland,1 run, OUT,pushes down the ground, coming back for the second, Tye throws the ball to the keeper and Scorchers win.

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